White Ali or Chili Medium Carly?!

  1. Okay, I think I've narrowed it down to these 2 bags. I have owned both (in different colors)before and I have just sold my Large Black Leather carly because it turned out to be too big for my needs. I really want to find an everyday bag that fits my wallet, juice box, cosmetic/first aid bag, snacks, keys and maybe squeeze in a light outfit for my son. All I do is go to the park everyday, run errands and take an evening class a few times a week. I love the Ali, but did not like Whiskey....I keep wanting the Legacy bags in white...I know it's not practical, but I love that color! I also really like the Chili Carly.....help!
  2. I forgot to do a poll and can't edit....sorry!
  3. wow those are two totally different colors!!!! I love the carly but have to say for my taste the chili is just too bright red, I also love the ali but the white could be hard upkeep and I have heard of denim transfer.. also it will be heavier... hmm... I am no help at all!!!! lol I guess I vote carly!!!! lol
  4. I just bought the Chili! I know it's bright, but I really loved it when I saw in IRL. It will be cute for the holidays :smile:
  5. wow!!!! That was quick!!!!! lol Congrats, great choice, post pics!!!!! :tup:
  6. Congrats! Chili will be a great holiday color!!:tup:
  7. I was going to suggest the Chili anyway. Congrats!
  8. You know I'm an Ali girl, but if I were a Carly girl CHILI is the one I'd pick. I saw the large Chili IRL . . . it's a "wow" bag! Enjoy it!
  9. Great choice. Can we see pics?
  10. I will post pics as soon as I receive it!
  11. Same here. I regretted not getting it during the last PCE. I might get it this time. :rolleyes: