white ali color transfer?

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  1. i carried my white ali recently w/ my black wool coat and noticed my ali looks like some of the black transfered is this possible?
  2. Unfortunately it's been reported on here about color transfer from jeans and other clothes onto the white Ali's. It's enough to make me not want her even though it's so beautiful.
  3. Yup. I got major color transfer with a blue dress and a black shirt before... I just spread a good amount of the Apple conditioner on it and rubbed it in... then it seemed as if the color transfer just faded dramatically by the next day. It's not completely white again, but the transfer is sooooo faint now. I'm sure I'll continue to get color transfer on the back on my white Ali but it's so worth it because it's such a beautiful bag that goes with so much!!! This is the very first bag I've owned that I've continued to use in less-than-PERFECT condition, but I don't care!! White Ali is just gorgeous!!
  4. bummer... i thought i was imagining it by dh just confirmed for me... i hope my mandy doesnt do that too...

    i wonder why she does that... can i treat it with anything? thanks for confirming for me
  5. See Maya's post. Some people also say that baby wipes help.

  6. thank you both very much! will try this...
  7. No problem!!
  8. I haven't had any transfer on my white Ali YET. I don't doubt it will happen, but I moisturized it before I ever used it and I think that may have helped some.. I love the White so I won't giving it up!

  9. how did you moisturize it? i am so confused about which bags i can moisturize


  10. I moisturized it with the Coach Moisturizer, but most people are recommending the Apple Leather Care product so I just bought some of that.

    You can definitely do the white Ali.. I think a lot of people do the natural and the whiskey and the black with the Apple stuff too. I put the Coach stuff on my Magenta Bleecker duffle and it got rid of a bunch of scratches.
  11. Oh my!! So sorry this happened to you. I agree with others that it has been a reported problem.

    Yes use the Apple moisturizer. I would def. NOT use Coach moisturizer on any Ali or Legacy leather for that matter.
  12. Yeah, I used the Apple conditioner on mine before I ever used it... and the two times I got color transfer on the white Ali was when they were new dark articles of clothing... even having washed it before wear, I guess there's still extra dye or something. I think I'll have to wash my new clothes 5 times before color transfer stops!! *lol*

  13. Me too, unfortunately :tdown: I HAD a White Ali this past summer but just could not "baby" her enough to enjoy her as I have 2 "babies" of my own to take care of!!!! I was always afraid of color transfer from my clothing or ANY kind of stains/spots/etc since White shows the most dirt! She is beautiful though!!! :yes:
  14. Well I was afraid of that too but I decided to keep my white ali :love: I have worn her out several times with no problems yet. :tup: I moisturized with apple care and I do wear jeans every day, and have only worn her with dark shirts. As a matter of fact, I had a new sweatshirt on a week or so ago and it colored on my Carly! :wtf: I couldn't believe my eyes when I got home but I was able to get it all off.. thank goodness. Just be careful to wash new clothes, and enjoy her!!! :tup:
  15. I have a white Ali as well, and she has denim transfer all over her back and bottom :sad: I have not been able to get this transfer off and it saddens me because she was such an expensive bag and is so beautful. I still carry her though, but not as much....I did think of selling her, but I just couldnt!!!!!!