white ali and white mandy.... what can i do

  1. Ok, I am sick of being disgusted by this...

    I used both of my white legacy bags above w/ my wool coat and you guessed it, the color transferred.

    Now, I am just sick about the monies I paid for them, granted i got them at the outlet but still they were expensive.

    What can I do about it? Should I call Coach? I just cannot handle looking at them anylonger and am pissed that I could have gotten the black instead but chose white, i just adore these styles and yet they are not good to me.

    Any suggestions ladies?
  2. Sorry that this happened. I have heard people using the applecare stuff with a magic eraser ? hope this helps. maybe some Also some people have used murphys oil soap or saddle soap, maybe with a magic eraser.
  3. I would gently try and clean it off before it sets in too much. Check out the Ali Thread and there should be some advice there. :yes: As far as calling Coach, unfortunately it is not their fault, some things bleed onto other colors.. I have a bright sweatshirt that has colored my Carly twice now.. it's not the Carly, it's the sweatshirt. Sorry hon. :tdown:
  4. i actually justed my coach cleaner and it worked!!!! wow -
  5. ^^excellent! i would invest in some Apple conditioner b/c it's supposed to be a protectant. so if the transfer happens again it should wipe off w/ a baby wipe or more Apple.
  6. Great news!!! :yahoo: I would also recommend buying the apple, it is incredible and easier on the leather I think. :tup:
  7. How great that you were able to clean it! Coach leather cleaner and a soft cloth works great!
  8. Wow, you must be relieved !
  9. Thanks guys - extremely - i just ordered the apple as well - i want to put that on them before i use them again -

    such a relief - i really thought i was out $500 bucks - and that just isnt cool.
  10. I'm glad it worked for you. I hate hearing when color transfers on these bags. I have yet to use my white Ali for that reason. I want to wait until summer when I wear lighter colors and no coat! I need to order some apple ASAP, I've been putting it off but it's time to get that order in!