White after Labor Day

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White Pants in Texas After Labor Day?

  1. NO WAY! Fashion Faux Pas!!

  2. Go for it! Afterall, you live in a sweat tank!

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  1. OK, it's the day after Labor Day and here comes the the big question. What are your thoughts on wearing white after Labor Day? :confused1: :confused1: :confused1: Some people (like What Not to Wear) are saying you can, but many people still frown upon it. To complicate things, there are still approx. 2 weeks left of summer (officially).

    Personally, I stop wearing my white flats and anything linen. Also anything that "screams" summer (bright summery skirts, white summer tops etc, brightly colored sandals, white jeans and pants). My toughest decision always seems to be the white jeans. It's cool enough to wear jeans again, but they are white. Hmm. :sad:

    Anyone have any opinions? :confused1:
  2. Oh! I also retire any straw/raffia handbags or brightly colored summer bags (like pink).
  3. i definitely dress for the weather instead of the calender. that said, being on the east coast, when i go to l.a. in the winter and i see people wearing thongs and shorts and it's thanksgiving or something, that is just wrong. lol
    so if we have a warm spell unexpectedly in october, i think i would find a way to do autumn-lite instead of pulling out some summer skirts.
  4. It's a tired old rule of fashion that you aren't supposed to wear white after Labor Day. Similar to the one that says your shoes MUST match your handbag. Who does that anymore?

    I wear what I want, when I want. As long as I look nice, my clothes fit well, are age appropriate and I'm comfy, that's all that matters.

    The one thing that drives me crazy though is living in the South, summer weather drags well into what is autumn everywhere else. I get SO tired of my summer stuff but it's too warm to wear anything else. Heck, our air conditioners have been known to run well into NOVEMBER.:yucky:
  5. I personally dont wear white after labor day. I will wear open toe shoes untill about the end of sept and then its off to pumps & boots. NO bright colors, bright handbags. White is to much of a summer color it doesnt work well in the fall. Now winter whites as cream, ivory is ok. But no open toes after sept unless really necessory for a wedding or something!
  6. I will wear flip flops, sandals and open toe pumps pretty much year round, but I put away all my white shoes and bags last night.
  7. I won't wear white accessories or pants after labor day. With that said, I give bend the rules for certain states. Like here in Fl, it is almost summer 24/7 making hard not to want to breakout the white.
  8. i wear whatever i want whenever i want. i dont get the whole fuss about "not wearing white after labor day"
  9. I don't wear white shoes after labor day, but I will wear white pants and shirts.
  10. :yes::yes: I'm with this poster. I love white dresses, so I wear them for as long as I can (before the weather gets cold). I don't really care if it's a fashion no-no.
  11. I don't follow the rules! LOL
  12. I make my own fashion rules !
  13. Our weather is pretty nice into September, but I'll usually put away what little linen I have no matter the color. I have some off white jeans I might wear a few more times and might even work with a light sweater and boots rather than sandals but I'm not sure yet :s .
  14. Can someone please tell me WHY we cannot wear white after Labor Day? Is it some sort of customs or something? Not that I ever wear white, but I'm curious ...
  15. excuse my language, but it's still hotter than hell here, so i'll be wearing white until that changes!