white '07 regular courier in my bag

  1. i'll release it soon if anyone wants it!!! :wlae:

    p.s. i've checked & it's definitely the "womens"
  2. ^^^if you happen to snag a black hold it for me!!!:smile:
  3. ^^ will do zacorooooooooo!!! :okay:
  4. Can I ask how it helps to "hold" a bag for someone ... I mean, you have to release it, and then it's just basically the luck of the draw who gets it, right? Also, I've done tests on things that I don't really want - by putting them in my shopping cart and then releasing, and there is quite a long delay between releasing and when it actually starts showing up in the search results again. I can't remember if you have the direct link does it show the "add to cart" button right away after you release it? If so, then that would be one way the "hold/release" system could work.

    Ok I just tested and yes, that's how it would work - you would need to give the person the direct link first, then release it from your shopping bag and they should be able to add it using the direct link (before it shows up in the general search again). Glad I could answer my own question. ;)
  5. it's back up now!