Whistle sale @ Barney's NY

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  1. I stopped by at Barney's NY, New York (Madison Ave.) because my hand is itching to buy something :graucho:

    They had bleu glacier (I believe it is bleu glacier; when I asked the SA if its bleu glacier she was like "yeah its bluish", smh) first, city and twiggy; black, white, tomato and truffle (or was it tabac?? I'm so sorry this is horrible description :sad:) city and firsts; Some wallets of same color I mentioned; matelasse in black and white (I'm glad I checked them out as I might get the biggest one when I have to carry gym clothes, etc.); and they have black, brown & one red (not sure which brown and red they are) mini and large whistle - $799. I don't remember if the small is $699 (but they probably are $699). (I just scored a rouge vif day tonight and boy was I so happy I didn't buy anything at Barney's:roflmfao:)

    Thought I'd share if anyone is interested with whistle.
  2. Thanks!!

    Did you see what colors in the Day bag RH that they had??
  3. No problem!

    I think they have a Mastic Day.