Whistle Owners!

  1. I know its not a MOTO bag- BUT it is a rockin' Balenciaga Whistle bag! (mods- is this allowed? non moto bags?) We Whistle owners like clubs too!!:yes:

    So assuming its okay- other Whistle owners post your pictures!!!!:yahoo:
    HERE is MINE:

  2. Hi Ashley, how do you like your whistle bag? Does it look similar to the twiggy style? Sorry I am new to Balenciaga styles and haven't seen other owners of this whistle bag. I might get one on sale so I don't want to pass up this great deal. I saw this bag but decided to buy the partition bag. Now I am thinking of going back for this. When does this style come out? Is it just released this year?
  3. Ok, I'm in. I was thinking of getting that same bag as Ashley's, too, but I ended up with this smaller one. My second Balenciaga bag, in 3 days! I promise this will be the end of it.
    BalenciagaWhistle1.JPG BalenciagaWhistle3.JPG BalenciagaWhistle2.JPG BalenciagaWhistle5.JPG BalenciagaWhistle6.JPG
  4. ^^ love your whistle bags gals :tup:

    p.s. i promise it won't be the end roussel :p
  5. whooohooo! BEAUTIFUL! how do you like it? I have been carrying mine constantly-

    I am so glad someone else joined the whistle bag club!
  6. I decided more pictures needed to occur. I posted these when I first got my bag but-- what the hey-- again!

    the super adorable whistle-


  7. I love this bag a lot! I am seeing I will get a lot of use out of it. Did you try attaching a shoulder strap to the clasps? I tried it on mine and it works! Just have to change the hardware to match the bag. Do you think the clasp will be strong enough to be used like that? I have a pic here to show it used as a shoulder bag.
    BalenciagaWhistle12.JPG BalenciagaWhistle10.JPG BalenciagaWhistle8.JPG
  8. Love this bag ! Bought one in black and one in navy yesterday...gave the navy one to my DD..she was thrilled!
  9. just curious, emememem did you order that from Sacramento? my SA there told me someone ordered and had it shipped to florida.
  10. Just purchased this bag a few weeks ago, large dark brown, and I love it. I have received tons of compliments, and the leather is scrumptous. Will post some pics later.
  11. Hi everyone! New to the forum. Just purchased a navy blue whistle bag last week and its supposed to arrive tomorrow. Can't wait to see it!
  12. Hey everyone,
    I'm in Australia, can anyone tell me where I can get this bag online? Or which store did you guys get yours at? I'm so desperate I'll call and ask!
  13. If your SA's name is Josephine (I believe that is her name, who by the way is is a super nice lady) It was me. I heard about the Bal's on this website and called them. At that time she has 2 blacks and a navy. I chose the rose gold hardware one with the ostrich because after research I realized that that one was a limited edition.....I LOVE IT....MY first Bal. I mostly have Koobas and love them also.

    BTW Did you gals put any protective products on them??? Just don't want to mess it up.
    The leather seems durable unlike the Kooba naked leather, but any advice would be appreciated!! Thanks in advance, and thanks for the tip on the Sacramento store!

    Do they get Bals in there often? The SA told me they are the only one that gets them. :okay:

  14. This is the store in Sacramento California that had them..I do not know if they always have a supply, but you could ask.

    Nordstrom Arden Fair (#429)
    1651 Arden Way
    Sacramento, CA 95815
    (916) 646-2400
  15. I've seen the black and brown on Bluefly online. I purchased mine at Neiman Marcus Last Call last month. Good luck with your search.