whistle missing from my whistle bag

  1. I order a whistle bag from Barney's. I was so excited until it got here...I look everywhere (insider pocket, the box, dustbag.. etc). can't find the whistle.. IT DOESN'T MAKE A WHISTLE BAG IF THAT IS MISSING... I am so sad.. I called Barneys, and the SA told me he doesnt have any same color (white gold) at the moment.. but he will try to find one. I havent' heard back from him since then.. I will keep waiting.

    Meanwhile, can someone please please tell me where I can find one? what should i do... ? Thank you so much!
  2. I would send it back if they did not find it, its just too much to pay for a bag and some thing to be missing from it. Sorry this happened to you :sad: Good Luck, maybe they will call you or you could call Balenciaga NY and see if you can order one. Keep us informed