Whistle bags

  1. Hey does anyone own a Whistle bag? I've been looking at some pictures of them and I think I may buy one. How do they look IRL? I definitely want the Whistle wallet!!:heart: Anyone have pictures carrying one - any size??? TIA
  2. I have a small black whistle. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It's my first BBag so I have nothing to compare it to, but I love the leather and the style... I thought the small would be too small for me (I'm 5'9") but I think it's great, although I wouldn't go any smaller.

    I also am in love with the wallet but hold your breath because I called Sarah at BalNY today and she said she is not sure they will even go into production... they ordered some and the order was cancelled by the manufacturer. She should know sometime next week when the buyer gets back from Paris the status of these wallets.

    Cross your fingers for the wallet! Here are a few pictures.
    IMG_0926.JPG Img_09301.jpg
  3. echoluster - your small whistle bag is sooo cute! I like it so much better when you can see what it looks like being carried.
  4. Yes, Thanks so much. It is really cute!!! It looks really good on you. I've been eyeing the large "big whistle" bag - probably in black. I just keep looking at the Whistle bags on eBay :drool: .
  5. I like the large whistle bag in red :smile:
  6. ^^ i really love the whistle bags :love:

    p.s. yours is gorgeous echoluster!!!
  7. I love the whistle bags, especially in the new ostrich, I think this may be a bag put on my to get list!
  8. Thanks everyone. I highly recommend the whistle.