Whistle Bag?

  1. Help please? Do you guys know what the retail price is for a small Whistle Bag and is this bag a new design? If so what season?

    I'm really kind of digging it and more information would be truly beneficial! TIA~
  2. ofcourse!!

    You might want to try calling or going up to some NM- They just had their big sale and my Neimans had a couple of super good deals on whistle bags!!
  3. Quick question? Why is Sacoche's B-Bag's Whistle model (priced at a discount of 50--60% off) sitting at $1000 for the small Whistle bag and @$1100 for the large? Doesn't that seem high? The only thing I can guess is perhaps some reptilian skin, stripped down the side by the handles has something to do with it? I dunno??:rolleyes:
  4. Does anyone know the size differences of the whistle bags? What are the measurements?