Whistle Bag Questions

  1. Hi - Does anyone own a whistle style Balenciaga?

    If yes, how do you like it? Is it easy to get in and out of?

    And does anyone know if it is a discontinued style?? And what it retails for??

    And lastly does anyone know what sizes it comes in?

    Thanks! I am looking to purchase my first B-bag!!!
  2. I just bought one, and I love it! The leather is divine, and I really like the east-west "twiggy" style. I have the large whistle, and it is a great size. Holds a ton without looking like a huge bag. I was concerned that the strap that goes across the zipper would be annoying, but it's not! Very easy to get in and out of, and easy to find things because it's not so deep. Mine is the cafe color.

    I'm not sure of the retail or if it's been discontinued - I bought mine from a friend who'd only used it once. I have the original Neiman Marcus tag, but no price. I think the retail may vary based on which specific bag it is. I do believe it comes in at least 2 sizes. As I said, mine is the larger one.