Whistle Bag? Anyone getting one?

  1. I was wondering if any of ya'll were going to get the new whistle bag??? I think it is super cute, but I haven't heard that much on here. Since they are out now, anyone getting it? Or rather has anyone already got it?:shrugs:
  2. I'm not getting one anytime soon (my bag fund is about to be depleted), but I think they're really cool! I hope someone gets one so we can see some pictures!
  3. Havent seen what they look like yet..can someone post a picture if you have one?
  4. i saw a few at selfridges when i was in london and they look super cute!

    i'd rather wait for a box/first/twiggy in 2007 colour tho.
  5. I looked at one at Nordstroms my opinion I like the city much better.
  6. I tried it on and they both looked funny on me. One was too long and the other was too square. I'm only 5 feet. But the longer one is much better if you are taller. It's a really beautiful bag!
  7. I looked at one IRL as well and didn't like the shape. Like mas said, either too long or too square or both.

    Also I didn't like the latch on top that you had to unhook first to get to the zipper.
  8. I love the leather on the whistle bags but wasn't crazy about the shape. Like tods123 said, the larger one was too long and the smaller one was too square.
  9. hmmmm. not sure if I like the shape. I still prefer the city and work size..
  10. I saw them yesterday at Amerees in Newport. Nice leather, but very boxy. Not what I expected. They only had them in black and brown and in 2 sizes. Maybe if I saw it in a different color it would appeal to me more. Does it come in other colors? Plus the chain for the whistle and key is thin, thin, thin. I bet it would break in no time.