Whisper To Me Midi in Matte Chocolate - Who would be interested?

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  1. I just want to see what kind of interest there is in this bag. It seems like the matte chocolate leather is one of those must-have leathers from BE, and IMO I think it would look fabulous on the Whisper To Me Midi.

    I actually don't care what color the hardware is - I am flexible on that. But, if you have a hardware preference, please state what it is in your response.

    Also, I just want to know whether you would be interested - even if we waited to place the order for a few months (that way you would have time to raise the funds). This is important because some people need to plan their purchases and they need to know if the chocolate midi is a possibility.
  2. I would be interested in this bag in the matte chocolate. I would prefer the gold hardware b/c I think gold looks best with the chocolate BUT if that is not the majority then I will be fine with silver too. It wouldn't be a deal breaker for me. I am fine waiting a few months to do this. If we wait then I can order the MMS midi and the Hug Me now and wait on this bag later. That would be EXCELLENT for me!!:tup:
  3. I may be interested, although I'm pro silver hardware ~ hardcore, in fact; so I will definitely pass if the hardware is gold. Good luck pulling this together!!!
  4. I might be interested as well. Does anyone know the handle drop on the shorter double straps (will it fit over shoulder?). What does the shipping charge usually come to? I'm scared of the shipping/customs charges!
  5. ^^
    The strap drop is being increased to 9" and there is no shipping charge for TPF members. If your package is being sent by Royal mail you won't get charged customs (at least not in Canada), since BE marks your package as a gift and a lower value. HTHs!!
  6. Yes it does! Thank you! :smile: I'll start figuring out how I'll acquire the funds. I can go either way on the hardware.
  7. Did you guys decide on this WTM Midi? I was going to order the Brown Crash, but I think it might be too shiny. I would be keen on joining in on the Brown with SH. I really don't like GH so hopefully you guys picked Silver.

    Just PM me and I'll jump in : ) - M
  8. I ended up getting the Chocolate Crash -- so I'll have to pass on this one...
  9. Oh my gosh, excellent color choice! Yum, chocolate matte.