Whisky vs Tan in the Paddy - whats the best colour?

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    What in your opinion is the best colour for the Paddy - Tan or Whisky?

  2. Whiskey!
  3. TAN !!!! :yes:

    Its my next bag, definitely :heart:
  4. I prefer the tan. I have a paddy in tan and it's one of my favorite bags!
  5. Tan is the bomb!
  6. I have the tan one and i adore it so much. It's one of the great everyday bags.
  7. Whiskey. I had the whiskey first (early Jan '06) and later got the tan thinking I also needed the tan (because it was the color that launched the Paddington). I promptly returned the tan. The whiskey is a deeper, richer color and everything I would have worn with the tan, the whiskey color looked just as good if not better with it too. The tan is pretty, but I just love the whiskey leather & color I'd received early on and so I knew since they both went with the same things, I would always pull out my whiskey to use before I'd ever use the tan.
  8. I have both the whiskey and the tan. I find that the whiskey is too dark for my summer wardrobe, although others here might disagree. The tan goes with my summer wardrobe perfectly but I can't see myself carrying it in the dead of winter . . . They are both GORGEOUS colors in my opinion. Both have a lot of depth and richness and look fabulous with the hardware!
  9. Whiskey!! Deep and Richer looking color.
  10. I am also partial to whiskey...
  11. Tan
    Tan !!
  12. tan -- the original
  13. I agree that whiskey is more of a fall/winter color. I used mine a lot last winter with cowboy boots and sweaters. Now that it's summer the tan is coming out to play more. I like having both colors because they serve different purposes.
  14. Whiskey! Tan is nice but I like Whiskey much better.
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