Whisky paddy stiff leather...too picky??

  1. Thank you ladies!! I love this forum, i'm not the only one!lol
    I have been here reading and learning alot over the last few weeks.
    I could not resist, you ladies convinced me, i bought my first paddy in the mousse color a couple of weeks ago and i LLOOVE IT! The color, the sooo soft pebbled leather, the silver hardware mmm..it's perfection.You ladies were right.

    I'm hooked! Soooo.... I ordered the whiskey paddy.
    Ok, I read and have seen that on the paddy the whisky color varies. I prefer the deeper more saturated color. I ordered one from NM and one from BG. They came and right away knew i would return one, although the leather was great the color wasn't very rich, like it didn't stay in the dye long enough, if that makes sense. The better of the two has the dark rich color that I want BUT, while the backside is the beautiful pebbled leather, the front piece is a stiffer smoother leather also a degree darker than the rest. Part of me thinks the variation is kinda cool, but then the other part of me admits "Im too picky" and should all be the beautiful pebbled leather.(like my mousse)
    Any of you have this more stiff smoother leather on your paddys?
    What do you think, am i too picky??:wacko:
  2. I think that any products that are made with natural materials will undoubtedly have some variations/imperfections. Some are hardly noticeable whereas others are markedly more pronounced. It is up to you, however, to decide how much imperfection you can live with and how much an item's natural, rugged look appeals to you.
  3. Oh you have a mousse too! You have two very nice colors then. I don't think you are too picky if you had something in mind and when it came it was not what you envisioned. I just think it is personal preference and what you are willing to live with. Some of mine are even pebbliness throughout and others might be a more pebbly in the front, not the back or on one side and not the other.. I think it is just as my DH puts it 'leather is not naturally uniform' . I also think if it feels a bit stiff now, it will soften up with use. Let us know what you decide. The whiskey is a gorgeous color.
  4. Not picky - it's a very expensive bag! I had a whiskey paddy that had 2 'sides' like yours, but pebbled in the front and smooth in the back. The smooth side was the softest thing I ever felt and is what I miss when I regret sending it back. But if I kept it, it seemed the best of both worlds. Not sure how I'd feel about the sides being opposite. Since whiskey paddys are still available online, you could even order a third (or call in an exchange so they hold one for you) to see which is best! For the $$ you should be satisfied with your purchase.
  5. Thank you ladies for the feedback. I am brand new to Chloe and wasn't sure if the variations were the norm. Seems like you ladies are always saying how the leather is sooo soft and pebbly. I don't know.. For the $$$ this bag costs, I just want it to be perfect. I ordered online and I guess that's the chance you take, not seeing IRL.
    Yes, I love the mousse. I'm more of a casual gal, so the silver hardware seems to fit me better. Any of you know if Chloe will do black with silver hardware???
  6. The first Paddy I ever got was GROSS. It was Craie (sp) from last year and it was a freak bag... lumpy, bumpy, and generally mis-shapen (it was definitely authentic but just a reject). I thought, "THIS is what all the hype is about?" I was later able to get my hands on another one and there was a WORLD of difference. So yeah, each bag will vary and you might have to go through a few to find the one you love. Defintely BE PICKY!
  7. Rumor has it there will be a black bag with black hardware coming out for fall. Should be interesting.
  8. Definitely not too picky - it's an expensive bag and you should be happy with the leather and color on yours. As the other girls pointed out though, these have such a variation in them, that it's going to be hard to get the perfect mix of pebbling, etc. on all sides. I personally prefer a mix of textures throughout the bag rather than one uniform one, since it makes it more unique and unusual, but it's your bag and you need to love it, not just settle. Just try not to compare it to your mousse though, since each bag varies so much anyway. It all comes down to how much time and effort you want to take to compare several - if it's worth it to you, try another one - just keep in mind that it will have its own inconsistencies - you might like those variations better though.
  9. My chocolate satchel is the same. The front piece has very little texture and is soft as silk - much softer than the rest of the bag. The back piece is very pebbled and the sides are a mix of both. I agree with Style - it's what makes the bag unique. I can tell you from exerpience that ordering and returning bags to pick the best one can start to add up in shipping fees, not to mention screw with your mind. I can't tell you how many times I liked two of the same bag and couldn't part with one. It took me four months to return one of my tan Paddys last year, and another couple to return a second chocolate. You will always be thinking "Is there another bag out there better than this one?" and comparing yours to pictures on the forums. It's enough to make you start drinking!! (Some of the girls are already winos, LOL!)
  10. I went through 3 whiskey paddies until I found one that would satisfy my craving. It took me about 3 months. Be picky! Not all whiskeys are the same. Mine is very soft and wonderful leather. I would definitely send it back!

    I have to wonder if the whiskeys available now are the rejects or something? In general though, I think the QA at Chloe isn't very good. Don't settle for a bag you don't love, otherwise, it'd just sit there.

    Good luck!
  11. Roey, you make me laugh. I'm already there, obsessive..
  12. I think you are right about the reject returns. Yeah, I could order another one from BG. Take my chances, hope no crumbs or eyelashes are in the bottom of the bag.lol Oh I don't know, still undecided...
  13. just use the AG conditioner. i had to do that the Taupe paddy and it becomes nice and soft.
  14. I have a Whiskey Paddy that is super slouchy and super pebbly - the leather varies from 'sandy creek' bank to 'roaring river rocks' - ie the front is subtly pebbly, the back crazy pebbly. Ironically, I'd wanted a smoother texture Paddy, but now really like this one. It's worth it to look at several to decide what your eally want.