Whisky Paddy from LVR


Mar 4, 2006
Did anybody order a whisky paddy from LVR and waiting for shipment? I checked my cc statement online and notice that they charged my card this past Wednesday, but I have not received a shipping confirmation email yet. Does this mean the whisky shipment has arrive and they will be shipping the bag out shortly??
I ordered one and haven't heard from them. I don't think I heard anything last time with my choco except when fed ex contacted me about the duty paperwork. This time it should just arrive because I don't have to fill out that paperwork. You should receive a call from fed ex and they will fax you some papers to sign. then you fax them back the papers and then your bag can be delivered. You received a bill from fed ex for $120 about two weeks later. Works perfectly. My choco paddy final cost was $1265. including cc charges.
Thanks Loren for the info.
I wish they would email me that it shipped or something! I hate not knowing if its on its way or not. What if I was away on vacation or not able to be around to sign for it?
I'll give it another week and then I guess I will try calling LVR as it takes them forever to respond to emails.
Thanks again :smile:
Vixy, I am in the same boat, as it were. Waiting on the big pocket Paddy in mousse. No confirmation from LVR (only from the payment company), and they have not returned my e-mails. But when I ordered from Raffaello Network they charged my card and the bag arrived before I ever heard from them, so maybe this is the same thing. And I am hoping part of the delay is due to it being the weekend. I am sort of in limbo, though...my CC was already approved, but it is linked to my checking account which has a daily limit, so I would like to know WHEN the charge will go through so I know when I can use my CC again! Oh, AND I really want the bag to arrive! This is my first order from LVR. I have my neighbors' fax machine on standby for FedEx.:nuts:
Yikes! So basically depending on when LVR will get shipment and when my cc cycle ends I may have to pay for the bag before it even arrives??? Boo-Hoo LOL!
Hopefully LVR will send me a shipping email as an heads up so I know when I should expect it.

Etenebris, definitely let me know when and if you get an email from LVR, I will do the same :smile:
I hope its soon!!!
I will definitely let you know. No word yet...but maybe tomorrow...or tonight, depending on the time difference. It is now officially "spring break" here, so I would love to get my new bag before the week is over!