Whisky Paddington--does the color vary from bag to bag?

  1. Hi everyone!

    I am wondering if you think that the Whiskey paddington color is consistent from bag to bag and from season to season. I had a paddy from NM that I returned several months ago, which was more of a cognac-browny color, whereas a new one I just from ebay looks more orangey-brown.

    I have viewed probably hundreds of photos of authentic whiskey paddies on this website, and to me it seems like the majority of them seem more orangey. I think I liked the NM paddy more, but I was just curious about this phenomenon.

    Please help!:jammin:
  2. Same here Bags! The whiskey I got from NM/BG was very different leather than the one I just got from ElizThomas.

    The NM one had a lot more variation of color from browns to golds, while the newest one has a lot of golden orange tones.

    Both gorgeous, just different! :yes:
  3. Hmwe46, do you have any pictures? I will try tomorrow to take pics of my new (more orange-y) whiskey paddy. Thanks! And I hope others have some pics of the whiskey too.
  4. Unfortunately I don't have side by side pics of the two whiskeys.:sad:

    But ! I am in the process of downloading some pics of the newest Whiksey... Ok, ok, DH is actually doing the dowloading, cause I am kinda computer challenged.:rolleyes:

  5. I am new to the Chloe family and I have the Whiskey Paddy. When I look at it indoors, it seems to have the more brown tone but when I am outside with it, there is more of an cognac/orange tone to it. I have to say it is one of the most beautiful bags that I have and the color is super rich.
  6. This is mine from NM 2006 first shipment. Hope that helps. Definately rich orangy hue in it.