Whisky Paddies on American Idol

  1. We couldn't watch American Idol last night, so I taped it and watched it tonight. Spotted two Whisky Paddies. Paula Abdul had one and one of the contestants had one.
  2. lol wow i didnt notice that at all i was too busy wincing at all the singing!
  3. LoL I saw it also...
  4. You must be on the east coast, because I read this before the show came on...and looked for them! I saw them too!
  5. Was the contestant's paddy fake?
  6. Hard to tell if the contestant's was fake. I only got a quick glimpse. But I thought the color looked a little light.
  7. Yup, I'm on the east coast.
  8. I think actually Paula's Paddy is red. I noticed it too but it's the same one I've seen her with before (since before whiskey came out). I gotta say, I don't like it on her at all!