Whisky Messenger Paddy Bag on SALE!

  1. Neiman Marcus - SO Coast Plaza - Brooke at 949-759-1900 x 2177

    It was $1275 on sale for $879. I just bought this in blue, but don't have it yet.
    She is Holding it for a PF'er.

    It is the middle picture - ABSOLUTELY adorable bag :heart:
  2. Is that the same as the box paddy? I love it! Hmm...I wonder if I should call?
  3. Call Call Call!!! It looks AMAZING, and I would love it in whiskey! And what a fantastic price! Keep us posted!
  4. Woohoo - I bought it! Brooke was super nice. I'm so excited - I've been wanting a paddy forever!
    Thanks SO much chicbags!!!!!!
  5. YEAH! Congrats bloemetje!!! Cannot wait to see it, its going to be gorgeous!
  6. Oooh!!! Congrats!!! I can't wait to see the pics. I really do like the whiskey color for the paddy!!!
  7. Thanks Jag and BalenciagaLove! I've never seen this style Paddy IRL so I'm curious as to what I bought!
  8. What color was it? Was there only one? It's SO cute!
  9. That blue is stunning!!!!
  10. The Whisky one brand new cost less than my used blue one :cry:

    It is a cute style. A bit different than the satchel. Love the outside pockets too!
  11. hi, what color did you get? how exciting!! please post pics!! :roflmfao:
  12. Roey--your dream bag!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Someone is giving misinformation because I just hung up with Brooke and she does not have a blue messenger for sale. She has a mousse paddington (not a satchel, another style, maybe zippy?) marked down to $1379 - and that's it for the store.

    Edit to say that the blue bag is called the box and the Whiskey is the messenger style. The box retailed for $1575, not $1279. Bloemetje, I'm pretty sure you didn't purchase the same style in the picture chicbags posted because the messenger is a shoulder bag. Chicbags, did you actually see this bag, or did Brooke call you about it? Because the messenger and box are two completely different styles and prices.
  14. If you purchased the bag in that auction, it is the box (also referred to as bowler) and the color was from the 05 a/w collection. I'm not sure why you are calling it something else?