Whisky Ediths on Net-A-Porter

  1. Clean up your mail box, i cant PM you....:yes:
  2. :shame: I cleaned it, sorry
  3. Is that whiskey or brown? It looks brown to me.
  4. It looks brown to me too, but it says whiskey. Maybe I'll email them.
  5. Brown. Whiskey should be the one you see in the Runway picture, more red.
  6. In the description they name it whiskey though.
  7. Is anyone puchasing it?
  8. Beaux,

    Your doggie is kiss-all-over-the-face adorable!!!!
  9. ^^Aww - thanks. She's 3 now. But that's my favorite "puppy photo" of her. I :heart: her more than all the handbags in the world! he he..

    Your new Avatar is Darling. Don't mean to stray from the thread but just had to say so.:flowers:
  11. They emailed me back and said it was in fact Whiskey. Someone should buy one!!!