Whisky Edith just arrived.....

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  1. Great pics...Style..Thanks so much...I am in LUST with the Edith..I am waitlisted at Saks-How come Neimans gets it first???!! SOB!
  2. Thank you for being honest about your response to the Edith. My Twiggy arrived today and it is much nicer and bigger than I expected.
  3. I just saw an Edith "inspired" bag on lushfashions.com! Actually it's a pretty good replica for $129! LOL. My *real* Edith might be here tomorrow...it shipped from Ron Herman on Tuesday.
  4. Mine shipped today - so I don't think it will make it here by the weekend! : (
  5. check your status- you should have a tracking # listed on your neimans account. Mine is coming on saturday!
  6. Style - I love that Edith of yours!! I am sorry to hear that you weren't digging it. If you don't love it, send it back. There is a bag somewhere out there with your name written all over it!
  7. LOL - I LOVE mine! It's poor Pnay71 (who started this thread which we then all hijacked), who didn't bond with hers quite so much. Hope she finds the perfect replacement soon.
  8. Ooh.. I must have gotten confused as I was reaching the posts! Good to hear!

    Sorry Pnay! But I love the Edith!!! :love:

    Oops.. I mean reading the posts.. I need sleep. :sad:
  9. mine shipped today also! I'm kind of on the fence about this one. I had to have it when I first saw it but now.....I guess I just need to see it IRL. According to the tracking that should happen on sat:biggrin:
  10. I thought mine said delivery on march 28th - which is tuesday. Maybe I live in a different region than everyone else though?

    I'm going to re-check right now!
  11. I love the Edith. I'm sorry you are so disappointed.
  12. My Choco Edith is coming to me on Sat! Yay! Is anyone else getting the Choco color??
  13. ^^I also have the Chocolate color backordered (I wanted to see them both IRL and then choose).

    Mercer - I just checked online and my Edith is sitting somewhere in TX right now. They backed up my delivery date until 3/29 : (

    I'm on the east coast so maybe that's why mine is taking longer to get here. I'm assuming the rest of the ladies that are getting their edith's on saturday are west coast?
  14. ^ Yes, Southern California here.
  15. I know style already posted a picture of her Edith but I thought I'd post some of mine too. Good news is that it's starting to grow on me. :biggrin: I will wait till the weekend to decide. My SA at NM also called me this pm and told me that a white gaucho is available in case I want it. Decisions, decisions!

    Anyway, here are the pics. The first one is of the whole bag taken with flash. The second is a closer view of the leather. Third is the inside of the bag, no flash (notice the deep color of the leather). Fourth is with the B bag. And last is the bottom of the bag.

    I love the big zipper pull but hate that you have to undo the buckles to open the pocket.


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