Whisky Edith just arrived.....

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  1. Style - your pic makes Edith look so laid back and cute - like she's taking a nap! And I want to reach through the screen and snatch that Bal City. Is it Indigo?
  2. I second that! The Edith is lovely! The feet are bigger than I expected, but otherwise it's all good! And I am not a fan of Balenciaga, but I might just have to have that one! I was thinking earlier that I wish Chloe would come out with a great deep navy/indigo bag...and there you have just the color in the Balenciaga. What is the name of that color, and do they have any available anywhere? *Bank account requests that you please say "no"!*:nuts:
  3. LOL - that's Ink. I have the Indigo in a Twiggy and it's a totally different color - much more blue. The Ink is awfully hard to capture in photos - it looks awful in the picture actually. In the sunlight it's an absolutely beautiful shade of deeeep blue with purplish undertones - goes with literally anything. Probably the most versatile Bal color ever.

    Oh, and unfortunately for your bank account, you might still be able to find an Ink - it was a recent color and there are probably still a few around:smile:
  4. Now I see why people are getting in such a frenzy over the ink! That it's the "city" size? The size looks great, too! They are not as deep as the Chloe bags, right? Is is the sort of crinkled, shiny leather?

    (sorry...I know this is a Chloe thread...)
  5. Yes, it's the City and it's just as deep as the Edith, except squishy - the Edith is also just a little taller.

    And the Ink had a bad rap initially as far as the leather was concerned because the initial batch was sort of shiny and veiny, but for some reason, the later batches were much better and the leather on mine and a lot of the more recent ones I've seen, is really nice. Distressed, but not veiny at all.

    Sorry we've highjacked the Chloe thread!!! I'm afraid I started it with the comparison pics.
  6. I like the comparison photo's. Give me a good idea of what to expect. I did think that the Edith would be a bit more distressed - but i'm still witholding judgement until it's in my hot little hands!

    Can't wait for more edith photo's!
  7. Beauxgoris, you are an Edith fiend like me...there is no way you won't love it when it arrives! :lol:
  8. I loved it when I first saw the pictures which is why I was in a mad rush trying to get one. But when I saw the box it came in, my first reaction was that it's too small! But now that I've seen it a few times, there is something else about it that i don't like. It doesn't have that "IT" factor that made me gush like when I got my Paddy. It was like, "I waited so long for this??" kind of feeling. But you know, we all don't have the same taste. I really wish I like it but if tomorrow I still don't, it will go to someone who will love it more than I can and I will be on the phone for a Balenciaga weekender. :biggrin: I don't want the Edith to suffer the fate of my silverado hobo...still in the box, never used. :sad2:
  9. Pnay71, have you considered putting your Silverado in the Marketplace? I am sure someone would be happy to give it a good home...and give you some extra cash toward a bag you will use.
  10. It's actually funny because when I found out this morning that my Edith was coming, I immediately thought about returning the hobo. I bought it less than a month ago and have been planning to return but everytime I go to Nordstrom and see the same bag, I like it again. I haven't opened the box since I brought it home. Funny thing too that the price already went up since I bought it.
  11. Style, thanks very much for the pics. I am familiar with the Balenciaga city, and I was looking for some point of reference. Your pictures were perfect and they satiated my curiosity.

    I'm hoping to find a grey Edith, but there are two things about the bag that are keeping me in the, "hmm, do I really want/need it category." Number one, I wish that the handles on the bag were a little longer because I would prefer to have the option of also carrying it over my shoulder. And number two is the size. When I first saw the advertisement for the bag I envisioned it being much larger than it is. I had hoped to use it for my laptop, but it's too small for that purpose.
  12. Aw, sorry to hear you're not in love with it. It's not my cup of tea either. Return it and get something you're really into, that will put a smile on your faca as soon as you glance upon it:smile:
  13. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that you probably won't like it then. I also would have preferred the handles longer, but it most likely would have ruined the look of the bag. They fit over my shoulder, but you'd never carry it that way unless you really like something poking at you sharply in your underarm. And it won't fit even a small laptop because of the height. So you can probably happily move on to something that you'll like better.
  14. i think it's cute for a work bag... sorry that you didn't love it! but as we all know there is always another bag to fall in love with.. we just haven't found it yet :smile:
  15. I'm sorry to hear that.