Whisky Edith just arrived.....

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  1. from NM.com and I'm a bit disappointed! I can't believe I'm saying that but I kinda am. I was really hoping for a bigger bag but it is almost the same size as my City. The leather though is as usual, very nice. Not as slouchy as I thought.

    Anyway, this came really early. I also got that postcard from NM that says my order is delayed but I just got it. And it was sent standard overnight. So, if you ordered through them, there is hope!

    I will go home and think about this and will let you know if I decide not to keep it. (Can't believe I said that!)
  2. Oh Noooo!! I can't believe you don't like it!:sad: I was guesstimating that it would be around the size as my Balenciaga City bag - that's the perfect size for me so that's good to know.

    Does the leather look distressed?

    Can you post photos?:amuse:
  3. I'm so sorry to hear that you aren't in love with your Edith, Pnay71. I can totally relate to the feeling of wanting to be bowled over by a bag, but ending up slightly underwhelmed instead. It's tough, but that love can't be forced; you either click or you don't. I hope the bag grows on you.

    If you get a chance, I would love to see pictures. A side-by-side comparison shot with the Edith and the Balenciaga City would be incredibly helpful.
  4. just from the pictures i've seen, i didn't like the bag... just don't see why it's the new "IT" bag. seems sort of odd looking to me. like something my grandma would have in her closet!
  5. PLEASE post pics!!!!!! I want tha bag soooo BAD!
  6. I waited for this bag for so long so to not be bowled over is a big downer! I may have been expecting too much. :biggrin: But I'll go home and look it over a few more times then decide.

    beauxgoris No the leather does not look distressed at all. It's like the whisky Paddy leather.

    I will take pictures later tonight when I get home so you can see.
  7. Did you get the medium size...1275???
  8. I had the same reaction! It was not love, lust, adoration, or even "maybe a second date" at first site. I looked at it for about two days to make sure and then returned mine to NAP. My basic reaction was, "I just do not see what the fuss/press is about..." I was soooo underwhelmed.
  9. I returned mine also. It looked too much like a smallish briefcase and the leather was very stiff.
  10. Oh dear - now i'm really worried!

    Has anyone kept their Edith?
  11. I'm really sorry to hear it wasn't love at first sight. The Whiskey color is pretty but because the bag is shaped like a briefcase, the luggage color makes it look even more briefcase-y. I am hoping it will look different in chocolate - a different color might give it more of an aura. I will only keep my chocolate (if it ever arrives) if it has a vintage, distressed look.

    The good news is your return can make someone else's day! Now your curiousity is satisfied and you can take that money and put it toward another fabulous bag!!
  12. I am just the opposite...LOL. I think the chocolate looks more briefcase-y and the whiskey more like a great bag to wear with black or jeans. I think the pocket and the details make it casual enough to NOT look like a work bag, but the shape is very fresh.

    The turquoise would definitely not look like a work bag, and if the rumors of a cream for fall are true then I am sure my bank balance is doomed. My whiskey should be arriving any day now. Will finally get to decide in person! But with me it was love at first sight (in the Chloe ad), so I think it will be a keeper.
  13. Woah! Mine shipped yesterday or today. GAH, why did I have to cancel my Chocko bag? The one I have coming is Whiskey but I so want the other!!

    So the size is really all you're disappointed in? I'm sorry you don't like it!
  14. Aw - I'm so sorry you didn't like it either! But sometimes that's good because you can now be free to find another bag you truly love. I had the opposite reaction to it - from the pics didn't expect to like it since I thought it looked too much like a briefcase and then liked it in person, since to me it looks more cute than briefcase-like. And my take was that IMO, the only thing that saves it from looking like a briefcase is the more casual Whiskey color - the Chocolate, while rich and gorgeous, pushes it over the stuffy edge, at least to me.

    Anyway, I'd taken pics already for someone else to compare the size to the City, so I thought I'd post them. It's hard to tell from these, but laid out on top of each other, they're the same size, with the Edith being just a hair larger because it's stiffer and more structured.
  15. Sorry to hear!