Whisky Balenciaga?

  1. Hi,

    Does anyone know if Balenciaga has motocycle city bags in whisky color?
    I could't find any whisky b-bag online...

  2. Like the Chloe handbag shade of Whiskey (a reddish-brown)? I think the closest Balenciaga has come to that color was the 2004 Marron.
  3. I think this season's caramel (or is it camel) is pretty chlose to the Whiskey Paddy. The Paddy is probably a little darker.
  4. would the rouille color come close? It's a burnt orange color.
  5. This season's camel/butterscotch is too yellow.
    I put my truffle Day next to my whiskey Edith and the Edith is more of a warm red-brown. In fact, she makes my Truffle look a hideous dead grey color. :wtf:

    I think rouille is too orange.
  6. But the Marron is a dark burgundy/brown where the Paddy Whiskey is an orangey-brown. Those two are not alike. Hmmmm...I can't think of anything.
  7. You know, I've only seen pictures of the 04-marron brown, so I'm probably wrong about what it looks like IRL. It was probably wishful thinking that it's like the Chloe whiskey cause I would love that shade of brown in a B-bag! :P
  8. Thank you for your replies, it was a great help.
  9. This was the closest I could find. Its s/s 06 cognac.

  10. I forgot about the cognac which is whiskey....technically.
  11. dang...I forgot about that one! That's definitely Chloe handbag whiskey. :yes:
  12. Thanks a lot! that's the color that I was looking for!
  13. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: THANK YOU! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  14. :shame: I feel all warm and fuzzy. Its not often I get to be the really helpful one.:shame: sylver, you're very welcome.
  15. I would say that caramel from spring/summer 2003 is also close to the whiskey Paddington in color and leather type. Unfortunately, this bag is pretty hard to find...