Whiskey's sister is her.......Miss Raisin........

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  1. And she is truly Awesome!! I am so glad I let you all talk me into her :graucho: I am uploading pic's right now.
  2. Can't wait to see pics.
  3. *waits patiently for pics*
  4. WOMAN!! where are the pics!!!
  5. Sorry for the delay, kids are in rare form today :hysteric:

    She has some marks on her that I am hoping the Apple conditioner will take care of.



    Raisin and Whiskey


    And here I am, in lazy attire. Picture taken by my 7 year old son. Aint he a peach gettin mom's fat belly in that picture? :yucky: I had him take a few just so that my badonkadonk wasn't in full view.

  6. Love it!!!
  7. That bag is beautiful! It really looks great on you!!
  8. That such a gorgeous bag! And it looks sooo good on you! :yes:
  9. Very very nice.. Congrats :biggrin:
  10. In my opinion the Raisin shows way more marks than the whiskey for some reason. I love the raisin and I just sold my Raisin shoulder bag for a Raisin Leigh.

    Congrats on the bag. She looks really pretty.
  11. Congrats!!
  12. I love that Raisin color! :love:
  13. VERY pretty, adore that color! Congrats!
  14. Ok, I didn't really like the raisin when I first saw it, but I am starting to think that it is so cute. Especially after seeing it IRL:tup:
  15. I love Miss Raisin. I have one just like it and I haven't had any problems with marks or scratches on it.
    That bag looks very pretty on you. :tup: