Whiskey vs. ecureil / écureuil color for the Edith - are they *really* the same?

  1. After doing some investigating into this, it seems like many people think whiskey and ecureil (or écureuil) are the same color for the Edith classic satchel. However, I'm beginning to have a creeping suspicion that they are not actually the same, just very close, but I'm not sure, especially because I am not really that familiar with Chloe bags. This thought is nagging at me so I'd really like to get some certain answers. I also think the colors are slightly different from season to season and in different styles like the paddy, and some colors really do seem to have multiple names, so that adds to even more confusion!

    First, it was reported that an SA at a NMLC store claimed she had 2 Edith satchels which were tagged differently - one was Ecureil and the other Whiskey. She described the Ecureil over the phone as brown with reddish undertones and the Whiskey as an overall lighter brown.

    There is also an old post in the Edith Lovers' Thread where one TPFer said she was told by a Nordstrom SA that Ecureil and Whiskey were different, and Ecureil was more orange (though my suspicion is that it's actually the other way around).

    Here is an Edith which the original poster says was marked Ecureil on the tag:

    And here is one which I suspect is marked Whiskey (but I am not sure - long story, another TPFer returned it and I think this is the one I have ordered and the SA confirmed that the tag says Whiskey but I won't know for sure what it looks like until I get it):

    The Ecureil does seem to be darker and more reddish brown, and the Whiskey more orange, though that could just be lighting. I'm also confused about the spelling of ecureil because that seems to be the way it is most commonly spelled in this forum. Sometimes people spell it ecuriel, but the closest word in my French dictionary is "écureuil" which means squirrel, but since I don't have the Chloe tags in front of me I can't tell if this is actually the way it is spelled on them. There is another similar word which means approximately "having to do with stables".

    Please, if you have a bag in one of these colors, can you check your tags and tell us what the color name is on yours, and maybe post some photos so we can compare them closely and really clear this up for certain? I know bags look different in different lighting etc. but if we can get a good pool of examples then we can have a greater degree of certainty about this.

    Sorry if I seem to be freaking out over this, but it is really bugging me now because I just ordered an Edith today (my first Chloe) which I was told was tagged Whiskey and now I'm belatedly thinking I might actually prefer the écureuil color!!!
  2. it could be the production year. for the paddy, the color chocolat looks different each year, so does their blanc. I thought Chloe doesn't have a technical color called "whiskey" since the colors are listed en francais.
  3. My Edith should be arriving any day now. The SA told me that ecureil was $510 and the whiskey edith was $765! I went with ecureil and will post pics of the bag and all tags once it arrives.

    FWIW, I think she was reading off the tags and handling both bags as she spoke to me. :confused1::confused1: That is just a guess though since I was on the phone with her.
  4. I had asked an SA a while back and she said they were different!
  5. Now i'm confused. I thought they were the same.
  6. My SA at Neiman's told me they were the same, the is so confusing. Maybe we should ask Chloe??
  7. I agree!
  8. wow. interesting topic...i'd love to hear what chloe officials have to say...im guessing they're one and the same color personally...
  9. Wouldn't it be great to have a Chloe spokesperson to help us with ALL our questions? It would certainly behoove the Chloe organization to monitor this sub forum. Just think of all the sales that could come their way! So many different styles and colorways and years in production make things confusing. THEY could also help track down where certain bags were located - at least when they first ship them out at full retail.
  10. here's my bag, i just received it..the tag says ecureil:[​IMG]
  11. From the photos, the colors do look slightly different. THe ecureil is more orange and whiskey is more red.
  12. i think maybe it's the lighting...i took another pic of my bag with the flash and it looked like that 'whiskey' on the steps in the top post

  13. Not all of the bags from NM Last Call have Chloe tags. Some have the Chloe tag, some just have the NM price tag and the one that was marked "whiskey" had a tag that looked like the store had made that said "whiskey". I agree that I think it's the lighting. I have two ediths, jade and brun. In some lighting, the stitching on the jade looks navy, other times it looks black. In some lighting the brun looks like a deep dark chocolate, other times it looks olive. I think the way the colors look in different lighting is one of the things that makes Chloe unique.
  14. Oh! That might explain why the tags have had the different names. So perhaps "whiskey" is just the name the department stores have given to the color and the official color name has always been the French name, as an earlier poster said. Though it is still kind of strange that 2 different SAs have also described the 2 colors as being different. I guess it would be hard to know unless you had both right in front of you at the same time.

    Thanks jun3machina for your beautiful pics - it really does help show how much the lighting can affect the color. Your bag looks stunning! I can't wait until mine arrives and I hope it will look like yours!
  15. By the way, does it say ecureil on the Chloe tag, or on the NM store tag, or both?