Whiskey Travel Bag Reveal

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    I finally took some pics..it has been a mega busy week for me. I have not used it yet. I thought in my mind it would be much larger. Here goes:
    chiller 043.JPG chiller 044.JPG chiller 045.JPG chiller 046.JPG chiller 047.JPG
  2. Some more- excuse my unmaid bed..lol - I am too tired!
    The last picture shows how the bag lays flat when empty.
    Also, you can see where they heat stamp Ignes and I had them put my last name right where my nail is- above IGNES inside the bag.
    chiller 048.JPG chiller 049.JPG chiller 050.JPG chiller 051.JPG chiller 052.JPG
  3. I stuffed a pillow into the bag to take these pictures on my couch to show what it looks like "full"
    I put it next to my whiskey Virginia, full size Belen Echandia love me, and a full size Gabrielle so you can have a size perspective of the travel bag.
    chiller 060.JPG chiller 061.JPG chiller 062.JPG chiller 063.JPG chiller 065.JPG
  4. This is the full size tinted chocolate toilettries bag. I used it as a clutch last night and wow, it fits a lot of stuff! My camera, my EnV touch cell, my small Mulberry wallet, pen, a tiny umbrealla, (It was pouring last night!) MAC lipstick, lip liner, powder, keys, and concealer! Fantastic!
    chiller 053.JPG chiller 054.JPG chiller 055.JPG chiller 056.JPG chiller 059.JPG
  5. The worthless side pockets that do not even fit in a new Mac spice lip liner!!
    The pocket opposite it had my cell phone.
    chiller 057.JPG chiller 058.JPG
  6. 1 Modeling pic- again, I am 5'8, size boo hiss USA 12
    chiller 042.JPG
  7. D - it's gorgeous!! The Light Whiskey leather really suits it. It's so classic, you'll be able to use it forever. The lining compliments it beautifully! It's not as big as I pictured it either. I also didn't know it was almost bowler-ish shaped, but I like it!

    If you get a chance can you take pics of how the outside pocket is attached and what the bag looks like wo it? :biggrin:
  8. Great pics, duranie!! I love the colour!! Are you happy with it?
  9. Yes..it is the largest bag I have. In the pic with the travel bag & gabby- the pillow behing the travel bag is the pillow that was in it for the other couch pics!
  10. That's a beautiful colour and I love the clutch.
  11. Ask and you shall recieve.
    I now have on my chenille robe... but took pics w/ the bag messenger style. Hardly anything is in the bag, I threw in the toiilettries bag and a catalog close by. LOL
    chiller 066.JPG chiller 067.JPG chiller 068.JPG chiller 069.JPG chiller 070.JPG
  12. Inside the bag and the pocket.
    chiller 071.JPG chiller 072.JPG
  13. Thank you sillykitty, JRed, and Vanbod! Off to watch Flash Forward- hubby taped it for me.
  14. Ooooh, I like Flash Forward too!. I am weeks behind tho.

    Thanks for all of the great pictures Duranie! You really gave us a great feel for its size and what it will hold. As usual, beautiful color choice!

    Now, if only I had somewhere to travel that would enable me to use such a beautiful bag........
  15. You're the best D!! Thanks for those pics. I wasn't sure if I would like the detachable pocket, but it looks nice!