Whiskey/tobacco Dome Patent Paddy arrived!!

  1. This beauty arrived today, was unsure of the color, as I ordered it via phone from Nordstrom's. I couldn't be happier, I love the bag and love the color, and am happy with the price (40% off). I can definitely see why Divnanta was so excited about her black Dome Patent Paddy, these bags are beautiful.
    patent paddy 005.jpg

    patent paddy 006.jpg

    patent paddy 004.jpg
  2. I didn't even know this color existed? We saw a dark blue; black and a dark brown but never a whiskey??? I agree with you, these bags are beautiful and exquisitely made. Don't you think?
  3. Agree, I really was pleasantly suprised, I really didn't know what to expect. The SA at Nordstrom described the color first as bordeaux with brown trim, then when I called back for the tracking #, she said tobacco, so I was REALLY happy with the color when it arrived, as I have the bordeaux chain Betty and was afraid of duplicating a color. Now it really is purse ban time.
  4. Oh wow...congrats on your beauty. She is absolutley gorgoues!
  5. Gorgeous!! I've never seen this bag in that color!

    Do you guys remember mine? I got it back in September... it's moka brown leather and plum patent leather.:love:

    I agree these patent paddies are TDF. The quality is really top notch, which isn't always the case with chloe these days.
    new paddy 001.JPG
  6. It's gorgeous... Did you beat the DHL driver for not having rang the bell the day before?
    Enjoy her!
  7. Just beautiful... and I love the color combination too. Congrats!!!
  8. I'm loving this bag and color combo. Sweeeeeet!
  9. Thanks all, and yes, I was about ready to create a 'disturbance' with DHL. I could write a paragraph on the scenerio, but I'm loving this bag so much that it's like giving birth, you forget the pain.

    KMSNYC, your bag is beautiful, love that color combo.

  10. I was with Divna today and two other girlie-girls. Nat was carrying her patent Capsule. These women begrudgling admitted that Div's bag was "really nice". Trust me that was a huge compliment to come from these gals' mouths. In the mean time I'm thinking what??? My Chloe is chopped liver??????? Olive/Gold small front pocket Paddy? Not one nod:push:.

    Oh Nat and I officially saw a fake large front pock Paddy, a German girl was carrying it, SOOOO OBVIOUS. This was at the clothing section i.e. Contemporaries at NM.
  11. Congrats, beautiful color:heart::heart:. BTW, when did you order? Saw a paddy flap this color at SCP Nordstroms yesterday at 60% off now, I'd imagine if there is any more available in similar pattern/style the price would go down. Can you still price adjust?? Just a thought!
  12. Oh goodie! We are purse sisters now too Ilson! Isn't this the best bag imaginable - practically? It is quite stunning and thrills me everytime I look at it. I would have no problem having it in several colors either. That plum patent one is also divine - KMSNYC!