Whiskey Tasting Event - What to wear

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  1. Good evening my lovely fashionistas! I need some advice.

    My *uber hawt* boyfriend and I are going to a whiskey tasting event (Whiskies of the World) at the end of next month in San Francisco. I have *no* idea what to wear. He is planning on wearing a button up and dark denim, and will bring his sport coat just in case its a tad on the more dressy side. I am at a loss.

    So far I've thrown these ideas out there... and of course he approves of all of them :P:

    *BCBG bandage skirt and a blouse of some sort (read: excuse to shop)
    *LBD and hot shoes (read: excuse to shop)
    *Dark skinnies, a hot top and hot shoes (read:... excuse to shop)

    I've never been to anything like this.

    A few minor details:
    Its being held at a hotel... (Hotel Nikko)... not a fancy place, but not a Super 8 either.
    Its a bit chilly in the evening in SF in March, but I suspect we (1) probably won't even leave the hotel or (2) I will have consumed enough alcohol where I don't feel the chill should I have to step outside.

    So, my beautiful ladies... what's a girl to wear??? I don't know what colors... outfit... accessories... I'm lost. I have an endless amount to spend, as I've decided that looking hot for this is far more important than, say, paying my mortgage :P (jk)
  2. i vote for the dark skinnies & hot top. something that doesnt look like you are over the top and trying too hard. something that looks hot and fun.
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    I'd try to straddle the line between casual and dressy. I wouldn't show too much skin or wear something that is tight all over. I like the idea of the bandage skirt. If you wear the bandage skirt on the bottom and would go for a loose silk top like this. http://www.yumikimshop.com/AMBER-TOP-GREEN-ABSTRACT-p/s1945-greenabstract.htm. Or this Geren Ford. http://www.shopbop.com/ruffle-top-geren-ford/vp/v=1/845524441860184.htm?folderID=2534374302033461&fm=browse-brand-shopbysize-viewall

    When I dress up i like to go for dresses and skirts so wouldn't do the dark skinnies. I think LBD might be a little to proper for a whisky drinking event.
    You might have to be standing for a while so I would make sure your shoes are comfortable.
  4. Ohh, I went to a Jonnie Walker tasting in Manhattan a couple of years ago and I recall people going lounge casual. Women were wearing:

    dark washed jeans
    heels (although the floor was slippery)
    and trendy tops that were slightly covered, because the event was taped.

    Please do not wear a dress, I almost made that mistake-it's not a dressy even.
    Ohh, eat before you go! Have fun!
  5. You say whiskey...I think a leather jacket.
  6. ^ And Bad boys with motorcycles :graucho:
  7. ^^ I was seriously thinking I could go with the bandage skirt, loose silk top like lilac0485 suggested, and my Mike & Chris leather jacket...
  8. When I think of whiskey I think of skinny jeans and sexy 'over the jeans' boots(or stilettos)!
  9. ^^ Ohhh that's an option as well. And excuse to buy OTK heeled boots. The only OTK boots I have are suede flats.
  10. whiskey, eh? FLATS!! :P
  11. ^^ Hee, hee. I was thinking the same thing orinoco!

    I like the OTK boot idea with skinnies.
  12. i like the bandage skirt or the OTK boots idea.. but i have a weakness for OTK boots any excuse to wear them! LOL
  13. ^^ I have a weakness for everything :P Would OTK boots + bandage skirt be a little too 'tenderloin district'? :lol:
  14. ^^I don't know what "tenderloin district" is...but heeled OTK boots plus bandage skirt is too much. Flat OTK boots maybe.
  15. ^^ haha sorry. Its an area in San Francisco known for the... ummm... ladies of the night :P