Whiskey Shoulder Bag, Ali, or Mandy

  1. Ok, I now have all three of these in Whiskey. I haven't used any of them. I love all 3, but certainly can't keep all 3. Shoulder bag was a steal at $179, got the Ali 25% off at PCE (~$375?), and got the Mandy (she is in perfect shape!) at an outlet for $589.

    Who has what? Who's taken back what and why? I need help! (and no, I can't keep all 3!)
  2. Oh my goodness, you have all 3 Im dying for. Im thinking the mandy is quite large so that leaves the ali and the shoulder. Do you tend to carry more or less things? Ali if you have more goodies and shoulder if you have less. That would be my choice. Good Luck!
  3. Kind of wishing I had such a dilemma! But if you insist that you can't keep all 3, I'd return the Mandy and keep the shoulder since you got such a steal on it. That's assuming the shoulder is large enough for your needs. I'd keep the Ali and the shoulder and the cost for both is only a little more than a full price Ali.
  4. I would keep the shoulder bag because it's such a great size if you don't need to carry alot in it. I would keep the Mandy for days when you need to carry around more.
  5. I would return the ali. that way you have a small whiskey bag and a large whiskey bag!! the ali isn't much bigger than the shoulder bag, right?

    congrats on the great deals!
  6. I have the shoulder bag (in many colors... LOL) and the Ali. I had also gotten a Mandy, but it was way too large for me so I returned it. I'd say, it depends on how much you like to carry in your bags. The Ali does hold a lot, so I think it's a great size, and the shoulder bag is a great smaller size bag. IMO the Mandy was just *too* large for my tastes. And, you got such a *great* deal on your Ali and Shoulder Bag too. :yes:
  7. I have the shoulder bag and I love it. I think it holds quite a bit. It seems like a perfect size for me anyway.
    Currently in my shoulder bag is:
    whiskey french purse wallet
    punch wristlet with 2 lipsticks, chapstick and lip gloss
    2 mini skinnys
    kids immunization records
    address book
    cell phone

    outside pockets:
    antibacterial gel in one and a small notepad in the other

    And there is still room, but I can not think of anything else that I need to carry.
  8. I love Ali. I think she is the greatest bag that Coach has ever made. (I have Ali in Black, Shoulder in Pond and Mandy in Whiskey.) The shoulder is a little too small for my liking, but I really like the unique color of the pond, so I couldn't part with it. Ali is the perfect size for me. Mandy is big, but I like the way she sags and looks vintagey when she isn't full.

    Like others had said it just depends on what all you carry and whether you like larger or smaller bags. I wouldn't take into account what you paid for them (deals or not); if their size doesn't suit your needs, don't keep them.
  9. I have the Ali, and I think it fits an awful lot of stuff in it. The Mandy is gorgeous and huge, but I think it would get reallly heavy to carry. I'd keep the Ali for a larger bag and the shoulder for a smaller one...
  10. I have 3 shoulders and adore them. I'm with those who said consider your needs with regard to how much you carry and then probably return the Ali or Mandy.
  11. I have the mandy in whiskey and LOVE it. It is such a great bag, and not as heavy as I thought it would be.
  12. get whichever you like the best!
  13. I had the shoulder bag and had to take it back because I could not fit everything into it and mind you I do not carry a lot but I had a wallet, small make-up bag, wristlet, checkbook and it was filled already and needed room for sunnies and glasses. I loved the bag but also it was a little too short of a hang for me. I had the white Ali but I took it back mainly because it was white but I got a good deal on it at the outlet but still I wanted something that I could wear all year round. I bought the satchel in whiskey and it was beautiful but again I prefer shoulder bags plus I left it unzipped and the latch unhooked and when slightly full it sagged on the bottom a little. I bought it cheap on eBay and sold it for the same price. I got the Mandy with the PCE and adore the bag. It has a lot of room and not hard on my back and I had back surgery. I like the hang on it and it feels comfortable. It also sags a little but a nice sag. I got it in Whiskey which I have been using the past few days and also in Khaki/ebony and could not live without either bag. I did buy the Ali again although I thought I would not with my PCE and got Khaki/white thinking it would be more months with the khaki coloring I could use but have not used it yet. I am not sure if I would like having to use the flap all the time to get in and out of but I love the look.
  14. Keep the Mandy...I drool over that bag but its way out of my price range.
  15. I say keep the Ali and shoulder bag. They look awesome and you got such a great deal. Think of all the things you could get if you returned the Mandy!!