whiskey pocket - WHERE TO BUY!

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  1. i have decided!!! im gonna get the whiskey pocket!!!

    but none of the NM/saks/barneys had that color :sad2: i remember someone saying that saks NYC had it but when i called they were sold out!!!

    can anyone please tell me where i can find it?? thanks so much!!
  2. Two days ago the SAKS in Greenwich had the 1-pocket (Professor) in whiskey (but it may very well be gone now). Lorraine is a very helpful SA there.
  3. Was in Chloe SCP today, but did not see the whiskey...
  4. Call Nordstrom's in Mclean Va - I think they just got in a partial shipment today.
  5. I hope you get one! Post pics for us, too! I can't get enough pics of these bags!
  6. hey guys! saks called and they got a shipment in today :biggrin:! so my whiskey pocket should be shipped out anytime now!

    thanks so much for all your help! im so excited!!
  7. Great news. Thank you for the update (happy ending).
  8. Hooray! Post pics for us when she arrives! And if she needs a blanc sister, I still have one available...
  9. ET - you still not loving the pocket? its such a gorgeous bag tho and blanc is a gorgeous color...i wouldve gotten it but im not best person at taking care of things lol
  10. Oh I do love it...but my b-bag just arrived (yesterday) and I have a feeling I won't be able to pry myself away from it for quite a while!:nuts: :love:
  11. Congrats! I'm excited for you:biggrin:!
  12. yay! You're going to love the whiskey for sure!