Whiskey Paddys On Nm

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  1. Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that there are currently Whiskey Paddys being sold on NM.com. By the way, thanks to blugenie for the tip!!!
  2. I noticed that too! Maybe a few returns from the long wait list shipment last month.
  3. Are you saying you are going to be a proud whiskey owner? :nuts:
  4. I returned mine too... it just got there a few days ago. I tell you, I'll never forget the wonderful leather from the whiskey paddy - it was absolutely the best! But I ordered 4 diff bags in one month and someone (several) had to go. I kept the tan from LVR cuz, well, we know it isn't easy to return to LVR!
  5. That whiskey has been past along constantly. I placed it in my shopping bag and checked to see if it was available, but it was not. I think that because it's been used for those one nighters then returned, or maybe you can tell that it's been carried.
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