Whiskey Paddy Is Here!!!

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  1. This bag is freaking scrumptious...
    ***white girl voice***OH-MY-GOD

    It was well worth the wait. I will take pics over the weekend and post on Monday (pc @ home doesn't work)
  2. Congrats! Post pics ASAP...
  3. Congratulations - another whiskey paddy lover!
  4. Congrats!
  5. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Can't wait to see your pics on Monday! A St. Paddy's Day Paddy!
  6. Yes, my thoughts exactly...hahaha. By the way, I didn't have to fill out any forms for customs, they actually called and asked for my social, and told me they only needed it because it was leather...do you guys think I lucked out on the duties charge??? That would be even better!!! :biggrin:
  7. Ok, here she is!!...This is my first time posting pics so bare with me please :smile:

    Deanne's Paddy 1.JPG

    Deanne's Paddy 2.JPG

    Deanne's Paddy 3.JPG
  8. Ok, the third picture looks kinda ugly. I got it stuffed with a baby pillow...you guys think that's a bad idea?
  9. It's a true beauty!!
  10. I like your new Paddy! My husband is trying to talk me into getting one. I really like the style but is that lock very heavy?
  11. loooooooovely!!!!
  12. It really comes down to the individual....personally, I can't even tell the lock is there (other than hearing it sometimes)...I'm used to having all kinds of stuff inside my purse so it really doesn't feel any heavier than my other leather bags...I'm loving the Paddy.
  13. Beautiful bag.. :love:

  14. Beautiful bag, congrats. IMO the whiskey is the best color for the paddy!
  15. Very pretty bag dee-dee; I do think that the whiskey is probably the most classic of all paddy colors...You were very lucky to stil get one.
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