Whiskey Paddington Satchel!

  1. For all you girls looking for a Whiskey Paddington Satchel, here's your chance. Neiman Marcus online has them for $1500 and free shipping!

    Mine is on the way and I thought I'd share since I know so many of you are looking to buy a Whiskey Paddy Satchel!

    Chloe*-* Paddington Satchel, Whiskey*-* Neiman Marcus

    So get them while you can and post your pics here :smile:

  2. what is code for free shipping
  3. Darn it!!! They must have sold out. I always miss out.
  4. I think it has been discussed here that those Chloes that pop out only once in a while and only with one piece available are usually returns. There have been some horror stories about these. Let's hope this is not one of those.
  5. This thread should actually be posted in : Chloe Shopping,
    Gorgeous Whiskey however indeed!!! :love: :love: :love: