Whiskey Paddington on Bluefly

  1. It's already gone?
  2. I would be careful. There are several threads going in the Balenciaga forum this morning about clearly fake B Bags showing up on bluefly. Methinks they have a questionable supplier....
  3. It appears that Bluefly is victim to switched for fake returns. Nobody there really knows handbags and they accept returns and repost them.
  4. The MJ bag I bought from bluefly is definitely real, and I've never heard of any problems before with authenticity of their items.
  5. Let's hope there is a reasonable explanation for what happened. A theory that comes to mind for me is that they got them from a supplier, like let's say, hypothetically, Barney's. It is possible that the supplier offloaded fakes that were switched for the real thing in their stores. This is a RAMPANT problem right now, because many SAs don't know (or don't care) how to check to make sure a bag they accept as a return is not a fake. The bag then goes back into circulation, and if another person buys it, they think it's the real deal too.
  6. That makes me paranoid to even buy things from places like NM without seeing it first! It's just awful, it really is. How do these people that switch and return fakes even sleep at night?
  7. The most important thing is to know your bags, look over the bag thoroughly before you buy it and if you receive it and it looks questionable, return it. I have mixed feelings about whether we as consumers should be in the business of pointing out fakes to these stores. If that happened to me, I'd be inclined to return the bag without saying a WORD lest *I* be placed under suspicion for doing a swap. So that also perpetuates this problem... the issue is that Loss Prevention people for retailers need to get on the ball and teach the SAs how to recognize fakes and ALSO there needs to be a discreet way for them to mark merchandise so they know it is theirs.