Whiskey Paddington Drama. . .

  1. So, I finally decided to spend the $$$ on a medium whiskey satchel. I was eyeing one at my local Nordstrom, but ended up walking away. (I know, I know -- dumb!) Anyway, I called my SA and she was able to find me one at another Nordstrom and have it transferred. (Woo Hoo!) Apparently, there were only 3 left in stock that she could find within all of their stores. Well, I went last night to check out the bag because it came in. It was clearly USED!! The edges were dirty and the lock had scratches on it. :sad: It shocked me that a Nordstrom would take back an item in that condition. Oh, well! The good news is my SA found another one and it is coming. Hopefully, the same thing won't happen.

    After seeing it in person again, I am so in love. :heart: Can't wait to get my Paddy!
  2. YAY manoloB.... :yahoo: i hope this one is better than the last one!!!!
  3. Good luck!! Same thing happened to me with a whiskey I bought from BG.
    They didn't have any more so I ended up with a mousse from another store -LOL
  4. Congrats!!! :nuts: Whiskey is an amazing color! :love: I ordered a whiskey from Nordies and the bag was gorgeous - get condition - but the lock has problems closing! :Push: Hopefully the one she sent you is perfect!!! You gotta take some pictures for us girls when you receive it! :yes:
  5. Thanks guys! I hope my Whiskey is perfect as well. If not, I might have to go with another color. Is the taupe still available at all? I will definitely post pics when I get it. :yes:
  6. Audrey,

    I had problems with my Paddy lock and asked BF for help, he suggested I add machine oil (just a little dab!!) and wiggle the lock around a bit and now it's MUCH MUCH easier to close. Hope that helps!
  7. Wow thanks for the advice!! :heart::heart::heart: The lock wouldn't snap shut! Does machine oil help with that?
  8. It will be instant love at first sight.