Whiskey or Ivory?

  1. I can't decide which color I like more. I know I'll have a paddington of SOME color by the end of Feb. Problem is, I can't make up my mind between whiskey and ivory. Opinions, please please? :sad:
  2. I think the white bag trend is a fad of sorts... And it's going to suck when you pay a lot of money to wind up with a dirty bag. At least that's my feeling. I'd go with the whiskey. It's a pretty color and it's stilll a nice neutral...
  3. I'd have to agree with Wickedassin....but I understand your dilemma the ivory is sure beautiful, and I don't even like ivory/white.
  4. I'd go with whiskey... Ivory is a beautiful color but if you're going to use the bag often it a no-no.
  5. Whiskey, definately. I love the more natural looking colour, but hey, if you can afford 2, why not take both home ? ;)
  6. A girl can dream. :love:
  7. i say Ivory
  8. Is white really a fad? I've always considered it "in" during spring/summer.

    (Do you prefer tan over whiskey? ...And can you tell I'm now more indecisive... :Push: )
  9. Whiskey
  10. looks like i'm outnumbered but i have to say i like the ivory better
  11. i don't really think white is a fad either... i love ivory. just have to be extra careful. but it sure is prettyyyyyy. :smile:
  12. ivory is pretty but it requires addtional care and clean. so i will go with whiskey.

    :lol: Happy Shopping!
  13. I just think the white bag thing has "exploded" this spring season more so than the past few.
  14. Whiskey.. I love ivory but I think it's hard to keep it clean
  15. I like the ivory, for some reason the whiskey doesn't do anything for me.