Whiskey or Chocolate Edith Loaf??


Whiskey or Chocolate Edith Loaf??

  1. Whiskey

  2. Chocolate

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  1. HELP!! I am so torn. I want to get a edith small loaf in either chocolate or whiskey colors....I am leaning towards chocolate coz it's a very rich color but I am not too sure....

    Which color do you prefer?

    I think chocolate might work better in my wardrobe...
  2. i would go for whiskey over chocolate. as for what works better probably chocolate would be easier, but the whiskey is just so pretty!
  3. ^ mmm....I just feel like chocolate is indeed a lot more easier to carry, it matches a lot more stuff in my wardrobe.
  4. I prefer the Whiskey. Just ordered it from Aloha Rag. Can't beat the price.
    I saw both the Whiskey and Chocolate IRL and the Chocolate I find to not be like the Paddy Chocolate... kind of flat looking...
  5. ^ mmmm......I also just placed an order from aloha rag, it was the price that really made it attractive. I have seen both colors IRL but never bought it because I don't think I want to spend over $1000 on it, but now the discount is perfect.

    But I ended up order the chocolate coz I looked at my wardorbe and I think chocolate would work better, just more versatile IMO compared to whiskey.

    I bought a b-bag from aloharag last year but forgot did they required signature. Does anyone know if sigature is required? Since I am not home most of the time and I have had packages stolen before it's better if they required signature upon delivery. Thanks.
  6. Whatever works best in your wardrobe would be BEST!!! ;) Both are fantastic!!!!
  7. voted for whiskey but both are adorable with great colors! :love:
  8. I voted whiskey too - but, tbh, i think you've already answered your own question - in that you state Chocolate will go better with your wardrobe....so go for what works best and the colour that you will get the most use out of.:yes: :love:
  9. congrats on ur order! BTW, ur name hikarupanda is so cute-- I love pandas!
  10. I love whiskey, but also love chocolate! Chloe' chocolate is richer than any other designer! It is incredible!
  11. Although I have placed my order, I still kinda look back and forth between those 2 colors and can't decide if I have made the right choice.....Gosh I am having headache over this!
  12. Chocolate is adorable. Don't stress! Both bags are fantastic! Congratulations and post pics:yahoo:
  13. I think the Whiskey is nicer looking but the chocolate would go with more. I think your good with either choice.
  14. I guess my initial pick was chocolate also because the whiskey color is kinda "equestrian-looking" (very good with jeans), versus the chocolate seems to be more of a you-can-dress-up-and-down color....like it will go well with a lot of my black and dark brown suits for work but at the same time I can add, say, my thomas wylde black skulls silk scarve to dress kinda edgier during weekends....

    I guess I am also not feeling too good about the purchase coz I heard that the texture of the leather varies...even though I did email AR and told them my preference ("perfect" wrinkley, pebbly, smooshy leather on all sides), but jumpei said the leather on edith in no smooshy, is actually kinda hard and may well not be as even as Paddy or Silverado...so now I am kinda nervous about how my bag will look...

    Also, my DH was freakin out that the bag costs $506, though I said it was double that originally.....but I know he wasn't too happy (though I bought it with my own $$).....I better not let him know how much I spent on my chanels!
  15. By the way, those of you who have seen the chocolate edith in person (or own one), do you think the color of the bag shown on AR website is pretty true to real life (see below)?? I have seen it in person b4 I just forgot exactly how that brown color looks. Thanks.
    Chloe Chocolate Edith Loaf.jpg