Whiskey Mandy Handbag- How to remove scratches from new Mandy handbag?

  1. Yesterday I purchased a Whiskey Mandy Bag at a Fantastic price at a Dept Store but it has alot of scratches since it was the last one they had and it was probably a Floor model. I know you are supposed to be able to rub out the scratches by rubbing them out.

    I've tried rubbing a few but they still show. It would take hours and a sore finger to rub them all out.:sad: Has anyone used any type of moisturizer on theirs to get the scratches out? Any suggestions?

    Why do they recommend not to use moisturizers? Would they harm the Handbag?
  2. remember that the whiskey leather will scratch very easily, it's tough to keep it perfect.

    having said that, I use leather conditioner and cleaner on my legacy stuff and haven't had any problems. I know ethenos has too.

  3. Me, too...Entheos uses the Apple conditioner and I've been using Coach's own moisturizer (although I've got the apple stuff on the way)...I've used it on brown, whiskey, white, and black with no ill effects. Just use it sparingly and buff it out with a soft cloth to remove any residue. On my whiskeys, the scratches tend to just blend in while a few seemed to actually disappear. Don't forget about the strap, too. I pre-moisturized my whiskey shoulder bag strap and it saved me! I accidentally dragged my car key along the leading edge of the strap and turned 2+ inches blond...because it was pre-moisturized, I was LITERALLY able to rub it out with my thumb until only I knew it was there!