Whiskey Loaf Edith arrives from Paradise!


    I just LOVE the Loaf
    (or Box as LVR calls it)

    Here's "Little Edie"...
    I sent a visual aid to the wonderful and ever-patient Jumpei at Aloha Rag to show I wanted a rather uniformly crumpled Loaf o' Whiskey.
    He found one exactly like the pics I showed him. Since we bag lovers do favor different leather characteristics, if you order from there I highly recommend sending photos of what you particularly love along with being really descriptive.

    I'm so excited! I adore this bag. I tied on a vintage hat theme silk scarf I just found in the closet, while thinking of how nice this will age and the patina she'll get in our travels. YUMBA!
  2. That is absolutely DARLING!!! Congrats!!
  3. That is too cute!
  4. My favorite thing about this bag is it's name!! THE LOAF - my god could they have come up with anything cuter!!!
    What an adorable bag - it looks like my Edith had a baby! :heart:
  5. The leather looks amazing! So soft and buttery! Congratulations kitskats!!
  6. Congrats on your new Baby Edie- shes perfect!
  7. I agree Beauxgoris! The name Loaf just cracks me up every time I read it. And can the second pic with the scarf be any cuter? Love it!!
  8. ooooh wow, that is one scrummy bag

    you lucky girl :biggrin:
  9. Beautiful enjoy!
  10. kitkats, your loaf is sooooo beautiful! Since the time I returned my whiskey Edith I've been jonsing for the scrumply pebbled leather. I too, am leaning towards buying a loaf. It's so cute!

    The only question is, how do you feel about the price point? I feel like for $150 more for the regular Edith you get so much more bag...

  11. I hear you on that. I fell in love with this love-at-first-sight and then at last minute considered the regular Edith for just that reason of pricing and because it was the original.
    BUT that one doesn't happen to delight:yahoo: me like this one does! It's more of a handbag than a tote and it is much more roomy than I thought. It's cute as can be.
  12. That is really cute! Congratulations! How does it feel on???
  13. Can you post a photo of you carrying it so we have an idea of the size? I really really like this Loaf!
  14. Yes...please post a pic of you holding it!! It is just so adorable!
  15. yay~~its soo cute!!!