Whiskey Legacy Leather Shoulder Bag - Outlet Find

  1. I found the bag at an outlet - a bit beat up but it was $250. I bought it because I wasn't sure, and I figured out I can always return it.

    I'll post photos later - but am I nuts for buying a less-than-perfect bag in a style I love just because it was cheap?
  2. NYCtoNJf...No, your not nuts for buying something you love. I can't wait to see pictures. Congrats
  3. I did the same thing! Bought an "as is" whiskey shoulder bag for $179.99 at the Lancaster, PA outlets the weekend after Christmas. Mine was "shop worn" according to the tag on it, but I actually like how the leather on it looks and feels. I think both our bags are great buys! Congrats!
  4. I don't think you're nuts! What a fabulous price! If you love it and can find it cheaper, why not buy it? Congratulations!
  5. Actually, most people on this website are a bit nuts - don't ya think?;) Anyway, if you found a great deal, then you should be super happy about it. I wish that I had gotten my legacy whiskey at that price!
  6. Congrats, what a great price! Can't wait to see pics.
  7. I got a whiskey Ali & a Shoulder Zip for half off (thanks to willow) by doing the same. The ali had 2 ink marks on it but I decided to go for it.
  8. What outlet did you go to and in what state? I live in New York City.

  9. Tanger Outlet in Lancaster. They have a bin of returns for half off, as is, with no warranty etc. Does anyone know if the "no warranty" part is true? That's what the SA told me.
  10. My opinion is that it will get a bit beat up anyway, so why not? I like the look of it once it's been broken in. It only adds to the bag.
  11. That Whiskey just gets better and better with age and attention!!!

    Mine is darker and softer than my coworkers. Mine was a store display for a short time and hers is out of the box. I love them both, but mine is nice and "worn in" When it gets a scuff, just a little rub and it is gone, where as on the newer bag it takes much longer. Eventually all of ours will be beautifully worn into!