Whiskey Leather Leagcy Wristlet Sold Out


Labrador Lover
Oct 4, 2006
The whiskey leather legacy wristlet is sold out on coach.com and won't be available until after XMas. Make sure you grab one now if you see the whiskey in the store!
ACK!!! :crybaby: Thanks for the info! I went in last week to buy the legacy leather framed coin purse in whiskey, and they were sold out in the store. They had to order it for me, and hopefully it'll be here by Tuesday. The legacy items are just HOT right now! I can see why. LOL :yes:
yep! i had to get mine sent to me because the only one our store had left was the display...i didn't want it because it was all scratched and all the fingers touching on it, lol, but right after i checked out, a lady bought that last one. mine is here but i have yet to open it.
I have it in whiskey and I love it! ( I played with it a lot when I first bought it, LOL!) It's small but holds a lot of cards and fits neatly into my bag.

Excellent! Thanks for the info - I ordered mine through the store and it is supposed to be here on Tuesday... that is if Fed Ex delivers on time. LOL I can't wait to get it!