Whiskey in Spring and Summer?

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  1. For those who own bags in the color Whiskey, are you planning to carry them this spring and summer? If so, what colors do you recommend to wear it with?
  2. I own the Ali in Whiskey and wear her all year round. I carry her in the spring and summer with whites, browns, khakis, blacks and prints. I believe the whiskey color
    is a neutral and pretty much goes with everything.
  3. I have the Legacy shoulder bag in Whiskey and I do plan to carry it spring/summer. I think it's a very neutral color, looks best with white in my opinion.
  4. ITA - I feel that same about my 06 whiskey shoulder bag. :yes:
  5. Yep, I'll still be carring my 06 whiskey shoulder.

    When I want to 'brighten' it up, i tie on a spring/summer scarf.
    Whiskey can be worn year round imo.
  6. I plan on wearing my whiskey Mandy, she is great with neutrals, pinks and denim.......
  7. I have a whiskey Mandy and I wear it year round. I actually don't have any bags or colors that I would consider seasonal...I spend too much on my bags to not year them all year.
  8. I wear all of my bags pretty much year round, except really spring-y colors in the winter (like the pond patent ergo). I might switch out from my Legacy bags in the full heat of summer, though, as to me that leather is not too summery. I have various whiskey, black, raisin, and juniper legacy bags, and will probably put them away for a while during June/July/August.
  9. I just bought the Whiskey shoulder bag yesterday and I plan to wear her as soon as possible. A colorful scarf always adds a beautiful color!
  10. ITA :yes:

    I've been wearing my whiskey shoulder bag so far this spring & will also in the summer, as long as it isn't too hot out. I don't think I'll want to be carrying heavier leather when it's 90 degrees :yucky:
  11. I'm wearing my whiskey ali. I plan on getting a fun scarf though!
  12. Whiskey is neutral. Any neutral bag can be worn year round and with any color IMO.
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