Whiskey Hippie + Hmp flwr multi wallet = Yes or No?

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  1. Okay, ladies, I need opinions, please. How do you think these look together? I have little hope of finding a legacy french purse within my range of under $100 for a wallet, soooo will this combo work?
    :tdown: OR :tup:

  2. I think they look great together! I'm not a big fan of being totally matched, anyway. I like that the orange flower picks up the orangey tones in the whiskey leather, and also in the orange stripe in the Legacy lining in the bag.
  3. I think it looks great, but like I always say

    Carry what you love. Don't worry about what anyone else thinks. If you love it, rock it girl!
  4. I would deff say :tup:.
  5. I think it looks fab! :tup:
  6. they are cute together! ;)
  7. matchy matchy is overrated anyways!

    i think they look cute!
  8. Very cute together - I love it!
  9. Yes! They do look great together. I like that, good for you! I like to mix too.
  10. I absolutely think they go together! They will look great together!
  11. I think those look gorgeous together and it adds a little brightness to that rich whiskey color! I always like to mix things up anyway!:tup:
  12. Thanks everyone! I do like it but my other leather bags are matchy matchy. This is my first signature purchase; I think the flowers are adorable and the rhinestones are sparkly.:yes:
    I just wanted to make sure it didn't look off. Usually my dh has good taste and I respect his opinion, but we disagreed on this set. I wonder if his opinion was swayed by the total at the bottom of my receipt?:wtf: He's a bit taken aback with my new obsession:sweatdrop: - three new bag sets in three months. The other two were for my bday and mother's day so he was on board but then I came home with this one. I think the idea of my buying the bags now "just because" has him a little spooked.:graucho: ha ha
  13. Oh heck yeah! They look adorable together:tup: I have the wallet and L:heart:VE it!!
  14. i think that is a really cute combo. the bag is one nice leather color, and the flower really adds something to it!
  15. Looks awesome together!! Think Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex and The City. Her accessories don't match but they "go with" her outfit.

    BTW, I wish my outlet has the flower applique... I love them so much :sad: