Whiskey Hippie Bag or Zipped Shoulder Bag in Whiskey????

  1. I am new to posting a thread on the legacy line. I feel in love with the legacy and it's lovely stripes when it first came out. One of those have to have it bags...I doI have a shoulder that bothers me with fused discs in my neck from an accident and thatt makes carrying a heavy bag very difficult..But as you girls know, I wanted it so desparately that I tried all the style and ended up only with the signature zip khaki and brown with a matching wristlet. I really tried to wear the legacy shoulder pocket tote and it was just so heavy. Finally in desparation to just get the whisky in the zip, I ended getting a whiskey hippie flap. Now the SA tells me, they have a returned whiskey zip shoulder bag, but i better get there quick. The hippie bag is new yesterday and I wish to know if anyone has the hippie and the whisky zip and what they prefer before making this decision??? Help? Is the weight distributed better in the hippie than the shouldere and do you guys like it in whiskey as opposed to the whiskey zip smaller bag for 298.00??? Lynn
  3. I have the hippie in white, and use it in places where I dont really want to be fussing over a bag on my shoulder. Its my first crossbody bag, and must say that its a big help. the purse feels so much more accesible, all you have to do it slide it in the front a little bit and its in you arms (if that makes sense). As for the shoulder part, i found out it depends more on what top your wearing. If the strap is on skin, it doesnt slide. But yesterday I wore it with a sweater on and must say that i found myself moving it a lot so it doesnt rub against my neck. One more thing, because its a legacy the leather is a bit heavier than other cross body bags that coach offers.
  4. I had a shoulder bag in whiskey (a turnlock broke) - It's a great size but I found that I couldn't carry it on my shoulder over a coat - I could get it up there but it was uncomfortable! It does have more "sections."

    I have the Hippie in black. I have worn it both ways - cross-body and straight down from my shoulder. I like it very much. It holds the same amount of stuff - but the little inside zipped pocket is very small.

    Another difference to consider is that one closes with a zip and one has a flap.

    They are both great bags.
  5. kkkkate, can you post pics wearing your hippie? i would love to how it looks on someone, i am thinking of getting one in whiskey!
  6. Thanks so much for all of your help. I think I will reserve my decision untril I see the new stuff in the stores. I cannot find a whiskey zip anyway...night guys..
  7. Jennn, I just got the hippie in khaki/ebony a couple of days ago and so I'll post some pictures tonight of me wearing it. I'm loving it so far. It holds quite a bit. The whiskey was gorgeous but I found it too heavy, plus I already have the shoulder bag in whiskey. The signature is really light-weight.
  8. thanks so much sialia! looking forward to it.
  9. Here are the pics of me wearing my new khaki/ebony hippie. Sorry they're so blurry. My DH took them and the camera battery was starting to die and so the flash wasn't working properly. Anyway, they'll at least give an idea of the size of the hippie on. For reference, I'm 5'5" and about 130 lbs.

    Hippie, on from front.jpg

    Hippie from side 2.jpg (Ignore the three-year-old - he ran in front just as DH took the picture!)

    Oh, and here are some of it with stuff in it. It holds quite a lot.
    Hippie, full of stuff.jpg

    This one shows everything that was inside it. The pile of random junk on the right was inside the internal zippered pocket, and I put both sets of keys and the MP3 player in the front pocket. Everything else goes in the main part.
    Hippie with stuff outside.jpg

    Hope this helps!!
  10. thank youuu! i didn't realize it could fit so much!
  11. Did anywone find the Whiskey Hippie which I succumbed to buying heavy on the neck? I love it and cannot bear to give it up..but I have to be careful not to load it up for the strap starts to feel heavy near my neck and on my shoulder. I have tried it shorter and in the middle..and worn it to the front and towards the back. I would appreciate any suggestions, for I cannot find the whisky in the smaller $278.00 zip at all and do not like the tan . Any suggestions . I had a wallet, a striped wristlet, my keys and my cellphone in there. It did seem kind of heavy and I fear the Ali is much heavier. . Lynn
  12. I noticed quite a big difference in the weight of the leather Hippie compared to the signature one. I love the leather ones but ended up getting the khaki/ebony sig because it was much lighter (plus I like that it kind of goes with everything). The Legacy leather tends to be heavy in general but at least with the shoulder bag (the one with the two pockets) and the Ali, the straps are quite wide so they distribute the weight quite well on the shoulder. I don't find my whiskey shoulder bag heavy when I'm carrying it on my shoulder. The Hippies, on the other hand, have quite narrow straps and so I found that the leather one hurt my neck even just carrying it around in the store with all my stuff in it. The signature isn't heavy at all.
  13. I agree, thanks for the info, looks like I will be back to the store for with that one. SOB....guess they are tired of looking at me with a bag in my hand. The new catolog does not thrill me much....I got the scribble and that one is adorable. And, have the legacy and staw/gold from last year, so that is enough. Thinking since I have a small zip signature bag the 278.00 one that is comfortable and the leather whisky shoulder is no longer available. would it be nuts to get a pocket signature in gold/khaki or brown khaki too?
  14. :lol: You're asking the wrong crowd that question, Rainbow! Of course it wouldn't be nuts if you love it and will use it :graucho: . Lots of the people here have multiples of the same bag, let alone multiples from within a line.

    Anyway, the khaki/gold would be a great summer bag that you could also use year-round. I don't think it matters that you already have the zip in regular khaki. I think the khaki/gold is different enough, and the style of the shoulder bag with pockets is different enough from the shoulder zip that you'd be fine with both.

    Let us know what you decide!
  15. Yay for multiples!!!!!!!!