Whiskey Gigi

  1. After a bad morning (plus learning I wasn't getting my dream job last week) I purchased a Whiskey Gigi on sale at Nordies today. What does everyone think of the Gigi? Is it really heavy? Does it fit work stuff (books, folders, etc.) with ease? Plus does anyone else have the Whiskey? Does it go with everything?

    Sorry if these questions have been brought up already. I guess I need justification for keeping it!
  2. Sorry you had a bad AM and didn't get the job! :0( I love Gigi from afar! I have read that she is very heavy.
    I have a Legacy shoulder bag in Whiskey and I just love that color!! It does go with alot! I think I may need to get it too, she looks like the shoulder bag's Big Sister!!! LOL!
  3. The gigi is a beautiful bag and I hope you feel better.
  4. I love the Gigi,
    I don't have her yet, But she is on my wish list.
    I want to use her as my church bag for sundays..
    I may have to get a used one down the road.
    Let us know how you like it
  5. Congrats on picking up the Gigi on sale:woohoo: I don't have one, but I love the way they look. I have the whiskey shoulder bag as well and I love the color. It is probably my favorite color leather from coach:girlsigh:
  6. I have the whiskey gigi and it is a truly gorgeous bag. I just think it is one of those iconic Coach bags that will be in style for many years to come. It is a bit heavy but I've noticed that most of my bags end up being heavy because I carry so much stuff! :p

    I will say that I didn't love this bag the first time I saw it but the more I looked and considered it, the more I loved it. It took awhile to grow on me but now I can't imagine why that is because it's such a great bag! The whiskey leather is my all time favorite.

    It's one thing for us to love it but you need to love it to keep it. BTW, what was the sale? Was it 25% off?

    Good luck making your decision.
  7. After much consideration, and even though it totally breaks my heart, I took Gigi back. It was just too heavy after I put all of my stuff in it. I'm used to heavy, but this was a bit much! Instead I ordered a early 2007 Hamptons Business Tote in Black (I already have the camel, and I love it) from eBay, which is kind of what I wanted anyway. It's still heavy, but not quite as bad!

    Also, I calculated the Nordies discount. It was like 35% off original price. I got it at the Nordies in King of Prussia, PA (which now has one in Whiskey!).
  8. wow i wonder if nordstrom in NY is having a sale
  9. I love that bag!
  10. I was at the Nordstrom in Garden State Plaza on Monday and they had a Gigi in whiskey and black, the Leigh in whiskey and black, and the Legacy Leather Shoulder Flap in whiskey.

    The prices were somewhere around $450 - I think. I'm not entirely sure, as I wasn't too interested in the bags.
  11. wow coooolllll! i wonder if they had any other kidns of legacy... like last years?
  12. I went through the table pretty carefully and I didn't see any other Legacy....
  13. Those were the only styles of the legacy that were marked down and even the store wasn't sure why they did it. I wound up with a whiskey gigi and she is a keeper! I liked the leigh but they only had one and it had spots on it. I've really wanted a whiskey bag forever and this one will hold all my stuff. Yeah, its heavy but so is every other bag I own!
  14. I thought the sale was odd too because all of the same styles in signature were full price. All of the Legacy 2006 stuff went a while a-go (I scored the last 2006 shoulder bag). But didn't this forum say somewhere that a lot of the Legacy 2007 stuff was coming out in new colors? That could explain it.