Whiskey Ediths available at Harvey Nichols in London (look inside on how to get one)

  1. Ok,

    Here's the deal. Our wonderful fellow member Miss Bradshaw posted yesterday that she saw whiskey Ediths at Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge.

    In the wee hours of this morning I called and I got lucky and got the Manager of the Chloe Handbag boutique on the line. Her name is Sophie.

    They only have the SMALL (aka Medium) Ediths in WHISKEY, no Chamois. I did not ask for an exact number, but I got the impression they have several in stock. The bag costs 660 pounds sterling which is approximately $1210. HOWEVER, you get the VAT TAX taken off because the bag is going out of the country, so you subtract 14.89% from that price!

    Now, Sophie was not sure about shipping but she said something like 90 pounds sterling which I think sounds way too high (!!!)...so I'd expect between $50-$100 for insured shipping across the pond. This is still a pretty good deal since you get the tax taken off.

    This is what is really important if you decide to do this: if you decide to buy one of these bags and have it shipped to you, HN cannot charge the bag in dollars, only pounds sterling. This means your CC company will have to convert the pounds sterling to dollars. What most people don't know is that a LOT of CC companies charge you a FEE to do this, usually between 1-4% of the purchase price. So if you do this, be sure and call your CC company to find out if they charge fees, and if they do, HOW MUCH. This will make a difference for you in the total price you pay. I know that some Capital One cards and also USAA credit cards do NOT charge a conversion fee at all. For optimum savings, try to use a CC that has no conversion fees or only charge 1% or 2%.

    Looks to me that with shipping and the tax refund, you will pay about what retail is in the USA without the sales tax.

    Airmail from the UK takes about a week and because you are getting it from HN you won't have to worry about hassles if it's lost. Depending on how they declare this bag with customs, you may also have to pay duty on it. You only pay ABOVE AND BEYOND what your allowance is. I am not sure what it is right now, but last time I checked I seem to remember it was something like $400. Soooo, worst case scenario is that you pay between 2-5% on the remainder, which is still cheaper than sales tax in most states (except Oregon of course!) :biggrin:

    To dial London cheaply, this is what you do.

    Dial 10-10-987 first. It is a 50 cent connect charge and 4 cents a minute after that. I call France several times a week and this is the cheapest calling company. The call shows up on your regular phone bill.

    So dial 10-10-987 and then dial

    011-44- 20-7-235-5000

    When you get the prompt for entering an extension, enter extension 2293. That is the Handbag/Chloe area.

    London is 5 hours ahead of the Eastern Time and the store opens at 10:00 am London time.

    Clear as mud?? :nuts: GO FORTH AND GET EDITHS!


    Good Luck!
  2. OMG what great service missbradshaw and roo! Sophie the SA is going to get so hammered tomorrow hopefully with commission-worthy sales! ;) :biggrin: :nuts: Everyone will be loving it :biggrin:
  3. I'm very impressed with the instructions. Hope it does turn out close to US retail for anyone that takes the plunge!
  4. Sorry I did not get this posted sooner, I was trying to get all the info together so y'all would know what to do. I also don't mean to sound patronizing to anyone, I just thought that in case not everyone was familiar with this overseas stuff too much info was better than not enough.
  5. not patronizing at all! Many of us don't have experience calling overseas and are also surprised with conversion fees (moi aussie!). One of my first best board laughs was reading about how someone couldn't time-zone-coordinate their "free" cell minutes to call overseas to return a $1500k bag! :lol:
  6. One more thing:

    If you call, be sure and double-check about the VAT tax being taken off. Sometimes sales reps give out the wrong info, and I'd hate it if that happened to anyone from this forum, so double check and make sure that information is correct. (It makes sense to me but I've learned in life to never assume ANYTHING :P )
  7. Roo! You are such a gem and absolutely indespensible to this forum!!!
  8. Thanks Sue! But we must also give credit to our eagle-eyed resident Londoner, Miss Bradshaw, who saw these bags and reported in about them yesterday!! Hopefully she'll see this thread soon!!
  9. Yes, a big THANKYOU also to Miss Bradshaw!!

    Aww, this is the best forum. We all lookout for each other. It's a special community indeed!
  10. I called my 3 major credit cards.
    One was a Wells Visa - they charged 3%.
    American Express Green - 2%
    My Nordstrom Visa - 1%

    So it is worth shopping for rates.

    Thank you Miss Bradshaw and Roo :love: :love:
  11. I love miss bradshaw, shes such a doll!
  12. awww thanks everyone :smile: If anyone wants me to pop in there later and check on the wrinkliness (is that a word!?) I am happy to do so....

    Yes they do they have a few....think they did a massive order!
  13. im a bit dubious about the shipping cost too..£90 is alot - are they sending it UPS/Fedex?
  14. She wouldn't tell me which carrier or didn't know. When I said it seemed high, she finally said 68 pounds which is still $128 or so and said it would take a week or so. Wouldn't that be = to 10%? Maybe they charge a percentage, similar to Pottery Barn.
  15. Wow - what excellent information. Thanks so much missbradshaw and Roo!