Whiskey Edith, roz77772002

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  1. ROZ is the best!!!:love:
  2. Yum!! I love it!
  3. wow ROZ cetainly sold quite a few chloe edith bags. hmmmmmmm. reading the feedbacks, she sold multiple edith bags, and most ediths auction are listed are private.

    i wonder how she gets a hold of so many ediths.
  4. She's a reputable seller, i personally would have no reason to doubt her or to not buy from her.:smile:
    Alot of the time, genuine sellers like to keep listings private so as not to get auction wreckers messaging potential buyers and ruining things for all involved.
  5. i think she buys her bags from LVR, which means she gets a decent discount over regular american retail, and then sells for at or above retail on ebay. she's totally legit.
  6. Her shipping to USA is really steep. : (
  7. ^^
    this scares me too. How does she have soooo many when most stores have a limit on how many you can purchase?

    Has anyone on here purchased one from her?
  8. Ahem...as you know, if you read the "how many chloes do you have?" thread, I have more chloes than anyone on this website:smile::nuts: Most of them I have bought from Roz and I can tell you without equivocation that she would NEVER sell anything fake. She is one of the most active "get rid of the fake bags" activists on ebay. In fact, I have consulted her on many an occasion about how to spot a fake and what to do about it. I can assure you that she only sells the real thing. You may think that her shipping costs are high, but I have NEVER had a problem with anything arriving here (the midwest) safe and sound and without any trouble at all. Everything is packed perfectly and you don't need to worry about authenticity. In this day and age of so much scamming going on, the peace of mind is worth it. I don't know about whatever her costs are, after all, it's a business girls!!! But I would rather pay slightly more if need be to get the real thing, than a bit less and end up with a fake bag. So, bottom line is...Roz is the best you'll find on ebay:yes:
  9. Oops... I think you are about a year too late! :smile:
  10. Beanie OMG this thread is almost a year old - why bring it out of the cellar where people will get worked up over an old auction or authenticity issues when it's a non-issue. :shrugs: By now most people are VERY familiar with Roz and know she's reputable.

    Don't need more Achtung madness....

    (edit: oops, Kathryn, you beat me to it!!)
  11. they r so overpriced...