Whiskey Edith on Styledrops

  1. http://www.styledrops.com/handbags-12738.html

    for all of you that are still looking. i feel like through this forum and tfs, there's a large number of ediths becoming available for forum members. :biggrin: we have connections that most people don't through these threads...
  2. I really hope that's the large because the price is up there!! $1750?? Please someone say that it's the large! Otherwise, that's highway robbery!
  3. The size (14 x 7.5) is of the medium but the price makes no sense!! I agree! highway robbery!
  4. That price for a medium edith is the price officially for a large edith! What a rip off,:Push:
  5. Ridiculous price!
  6. styledrops tends to either hike the price way up or take it way down. i guess since this is a popular bag, they figured they could get away with raising the price so much.