Whiskey Edith, Cognac Elvire, Becky last call sale

  1. I just heard from Sherry at NM hawaii and she has these bags up for last call sale:

    Whiskey Edith $446 :tup::tup::tup:
    Cognac Elvire satchel $832
    Becky (pics attached) $886 measures 16W X 18H X 1"D

    You can call sherry at 877-951-8887
    Chloe2.JPG Chloe1.JPG
  2. Whoa Whiskey Edith, yeoww great price?
  3. That IS a sensational price! Wasn't someone looking for one recently??? Don't you hate the idea of their missing it?
  4. Wow, now whiskey Edith at a sensational price and hard to come by too. Hope someone here gets it.
  5. I try to find out who wanted the whiskey edith but couldn't! some people posted about wanting the messenger style!
  6. *gasp*

    What a brilliant price for the Edith! :nuts:

    If I didn't already have my own, I would grab it!

    Great tip-off, Mona!
  7. Does anyone have a Chloe Elvire in cognac picture?
  8. thanks :kiss::winkiss:
  9. oh god, i wanted one!!! they're shut for the evening!!!! i'm going to try sherry tomorrow first thing! thanks for the post.
  10. The Edith and the Elvire satchel Sherri had are gone. She may be able to find you another by doing a search? Can't hurt to try.
  11. Excellent find, Mona... YOu are a star...
  12. Wow great deal on the edith. I hope another tpfer got her. I almost went for it but thought it would be wrong since I have the large one already:graucho: .
  13. thanks mona! i missed out but i did speak to sherry. she's so nice! i gave her my details in case anything else comes up. plus, she said i can order other stuff from her as well so i got excited!!